WebJaguar's Monthly Newsletter - June 2020

Welcome to WebJaguar's Monthly Newsletter - June 2020

WebJaguar Update

Hi #firstname#

A lot of things have changed since the last update. We hope you and your team members have been able to stay safe, we know this impacted every business and we want you to know that WebJaguar is here to support you should you need any help. In addition, in light of current events, we want to begin by saying that we will always stand with racial equality.

1) SOC-2 Type 2 Compliance

As part of supporting our customer's security requirements, WebJaguar is working with a third-party company, KirkPatrickPrice on our SOC-2 Type 2 compliance. We should be getting that shortly.

2) Move to IBM Cloud Infrastructure

WebJaguar is now hosted on the world-class IBM Cloud Infrastructure. This is a very important milestone that we've been working towards for the past 9 months. We worked with IBM engineers in order to provide you the best in class infrastructure. This is to provide our customers with modern hosting infrastructure and higher availability & scalability.

3) WebJaguar R&D Labs

On the bright side, we have been very focused on more R&D and our development team was able to release some amazing new features in WebJaguar to support you and your business growth. We are thrilled about many of the projects we're working on and even more excited about the killer tools we're developing in WebJaguar. These are covered in the R&D sections below.

4) Recently Launched

We want to congratulate Score Promotions & Fully Promoted on launching and going live! We've been working with them to get them ready and are so excited to continue supporting them in their business's growth.

Website: scorepromotions.ca

SCORE Promotions a leading supplier of Promotional Products in US and Canada. Since 1999, Score Promotions has serviced the Promotional Product needs of more than 30,000 customers in North America. WebJaguar provides an online solution between Canada and US, marketing merchandise that is available with each region, in the proper currency, shipping and taxes.

Website: shop.fullypromoted.com

Fully Promoted (aka EmbroidMe) is the world's largest storefront franchise operation within the promotional products industry with locations in 10 countries. Part of the United Franchise Group, 1600 franchise locations across the globe in 80 countries, including the largest Sign company, Signarama. WebJaguar provides Fully Promoted with an online store presence that promotes each franchise location with a marketing platform to increase their business internationally as well as down to a local franchise owner.

As with most companies, we've made a couple of changes to keep our team members safe by adopting a majority remote work environment. This was not new to us as many of our team members have worked remotely on many occasions. Of course, this isn't without the challenge of navigating the ups and downs of working remotely. We are lucky that we can conduct our businesses remotely. In the future, we will encourage more remote work and put measures in place to make that efficient.

Many of these tools are centered around helping businesses with their digital transformation plan. Now more than ever during Covid-19, you need to think about accelerating your digital transformation plan for your business. Many of our tools are centered around helping businesses with their digital transformation plans.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is leveraging technology to automate many of the business processes and workflows internally. This will help you become a stronger and more efficient organization. It doesn't stop there, digital transformation means that you are actively empowering YOUR customers to conduct business with you online.

Your site can become a virtual sales rep that knows your customer including their specific pricing, products, previous order history. Not only that but it can offer them a quick ordering process and even one-click re-order. Your customers will be free to do business with you after hours and their online experience will be virtually the same as by phone or in person.

For example, your customers are usually busy from 8 to 5. The only time they have to place an order is after hours. If your online ordering isn't as efficient and helpful as your phone representatives, they will be less compelled to purchase from your company.

Tip Of the Month

Did you know that you could create a Dynamically generated Coupon code to automatically expire from a specific time a customer gets an email? Watch our quick & easy tutorial to learn how you can do that for you business.

WebJaguar R&D Lab

On top of everything we've discussed today, here's a sneak peek to what's new with R&D & expansion on how you can use the Dynamic Promo Code.

Automatic Google Shopping Feed

This built-in WebJaguar tool helps you automate many of your marketing activities and completely transforms your knowledge base into a powerful marketing engine. You can also automatically update your Google Shopping feed using WebJaguar.

If used properly, this tool alone contributes to 10-25% of your orders. That means that if you are not using this tool, you are potentially losing at least 10% of potential income. All orders that are generated from this Channel are tagged with a tracking code for an accurate measure of ROI.

Advanced Business Rule Builder

The Advanced Business Rule Builder allows you to fully automate you business workflow. You can:

  • Launch a product on a certain date.
  • Pre-schedule when products go on sale.
  • Automatically change your home page to reflect holidays ie Christmas or Black Friday.

You can also create a special export file for a product in a specific category daily to easily identify which products in your inventory are over a certain number. For example, if you sell your products on Amazon, you'd be able to tell them daily which inventory is available. This business rule builder can do much more including facilitating ERP integration. We will cover it more in our July Newsletter.

Updated Store Locator

We have also updated our store locator with enhanced features. Your customers will be able to view a map of all your locations as well as their contact information on a scroll-down on the left-hand side. You can view one example of it here:

Dynamic Promo Code Use-Cases

The power of the dynamic promo code is in the ability to automate the code to expire from the time the customer receives the email.

For example, if you were to send a hardcoded promo code, you could say “This code will expire in 4 hours” and it would apply to all customers. With the dynamic promo code, the code would get created at the time the email is sent, and therefore the promotion would expire at a different time for different clients. This allows you to automate your abandoned cart emails with incentives, and more.

Dynamic promo can be used in many ways and is only limited by your creativity

Use Case #1: Abandoned Cart

Let’s say a customer visits your site and places items in their cart. They then got distracted and abandoned their cart. With WebJaguar’s built-in business rule builder, you can program two emails to be sent as follows:

  • The first email is sent one hour after the customer abandoned their cart.
  • The second email is sent 24 hours after the customer abandoned their cart.

Use Case #2: Capture Page

When a potential customer first visits your site, a pop-up window can appear asking them to join your monthly newsletter, and if they do, they receive 10% off their next order.

Again, using the built-in autoresponder and the dynamic promo code feature you can turn your site into a powerful lead generation engine. Although this can be hard-coded, if you use the dynamic promo code, you can make the offer a limited time only offer.

Thank you so much for reading our Monthly Newsletter for June, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our team members or schedule a free demo with one of our qualified representatives below.

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