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It’s exciting to see new customers discover your website and make their first purchase. A first-time sale is always great, but every business owner wants that customer to keep coming back to order more and spend more on a consistent basis.

Making that happen may feel like it’s far out of your control. Outside of delivering a good purchasing experience, how can you really guarantee customer loyalty?

With online retail, it’s ultimately up to the individual whether they decide to continue buying the products you offer or get something else from a competitor, but there are things you can do to encourage shoppers to return. You may even find that focusing on repeat customers can be a greater contributor to your success than simply trying to attract as many one-time buyers as possible.

It’s important to note that you will need the right marketing and messaging tools that enable you to reach out to customers who have purchased from you in the past. As a B2C e-commerce platform service provider, we can show you specific customer database management and marketing modules that will work for you and enable you to try the following repeat customer strategies.

Give Customers An Incentive To Return

Simply thanking a customer for their purchase and enticing them to return with a promo code or customer loyalty discount can be effective for getting a customer to place another order in a short period of time.

You can further incentivize them to return by creating offers with very limited windows of opportunity. It’s even possible to include a countdown clock or timer within an email. You can also create a series of automated emails that remind a customer, over the course of several days, that their offer will only be available for a set period of time. This can create a strong sense of urgency that will really motivate your customer to take advantage of the deal you’re offering.

Make Offers More Personalized

When you have a properly connected and thoroughly maintained customer database, you can easily create offers that are catered to the specific tastes of a customer or a group of customers.

It’s possible to create offers that coincide with their purchasing habits, that are presented on their birthday or the anniversary of their first purchase, or that are based on other factors that show you appreciate them.

A good e-commerce platform will enable you to create forms and surveys that allow customers to provide information for a more customized experience. When you have the right tools—and the customer details that enable you to utilize them in the most effective way—you can make highly customized offers that are especially relevant and are more likely to gain a response.

Reach Out After A Long Absence

Another way to get a customer to return, particularly if they haven’t been to your website in a while, is to send them a message stating how much you value their business and provide them with a special offer.

When your e-commerce platform includes automated marketing tools, you can track a customer’s activity and trigger emails when they haven’t made a purchase in a month, three months, six months, etc. This can be effective for giving customers a nudge that gets them to return to your website.

You can even let them know about new products you’ve added since they last visited. Everyone enjoys taking a break from their busy day to take a look at things they can use and enjoy, so why not reach out with an excuse to do so?

There are many other marketing and sales tools you can implement to draw more repeat customers. We’re here to show you a demo and provide detailed information on how you can make them work for your company; all you have to do is arrange an appointment with us.