Webjaguar News / Announcement

Learn more about the WebJaguar Commerce and Marketing Platform. Below is a list of announcements, news and events about WebJaguar. This also list different features, milestones and how our customers are transforming their business and automating their processes by using WebJaguar cloud to run and manage their business better and more cost effectively. Every WebJaguar customer have access to unlimited support and training at no extra cost.

Year 2016
  • Google will start ranking 'mobile-friendly' sites even higher in May. Click here to check the article.
Year 2015
  • Cinram has partnered with WebJaguar to create an integrated solution that enables retailers and distributors to order wholesale product seamlessly and efficiently, giving clients a competitive edge in the e-commerce market.
  • WebJaguar is now fully integrated with Avalara for automating tax calculation and reporting.
Year 2014
  • Wildman Business Group selected WebJaguar to power their online promotional products and apparel business
  • WebJaguar released its Predictive dialer technology enhancement to WebJaguar integration with VOIP phone technology and direct integration with WebJaguar CRM
  • WebJaguar introduced Native Mobile Support for WebJaguar, not just a responsive support
  • WebJaguar introduced its Sales Presentation tool enabling companies and sales reps to instantly generate a quick presentation to their customers and ability for customers to place orders directly from the presentation and ability for companies to instantly generate a pdf catalog of all or any sub-set of their products database
  • WebJaguar introduced enhanced Company Store functionality, enabling Distributors to quickly and easily create company stores for their clients mainly for the promotional products companies
  • WebJaguar introduced a Promotional Products division
  • WebJaguar introduced a new Responsive and Mobile framework based on Bootstrap 3
  • WebJaguar implemented Tokenized system for Gateway integration with Authorize.net, now customers can access multiple credit cards and these are saved on the provider's gateway provider
  • WebJaguar enhanced Affiliate Marketing Module upgrade
  • WebJaguar enhanced functionality integration with Etilize Products Data allowing for custom
  • WebJaguar created enhanced layout for One add-to-cart functionality, mainly needed for many B2B companies
  • WebJaguar celebrated 14 years anniversary working with Rackspace Data Center
  • WebJaguar added D&H data feed to its data feed library; including Ingram Micro, Tech Data and Synnex
  • WebJaguar Implemented SanMar apparel feed including daily inventory part of WebJaguar VIP Supplier program
  • State of Florida added the WebJaguar Marketplace module for their B2B Business
  • Pack-N-Wood, a B2B supplier of Restaurant products launched a new Responsive / Mobile site using WebJaguar
  • MyTradeZone surpassed 1 million products and about 200,000 companies registered
  • Introduction of different deployment model for WebJaguar, SaaS model, Hosted Model, On-Premise Model
  • Introducing the WebJaguar Faceted Search Technology, a superior search filtering tools for enhanced ecommerce search including predictive and smart search
  • Introducing Integrated Email marketing tools for Webjaguar. No need to go to 3rd party email provider, the built-in tool allows unparalleled access to knowledge base to grow your business
  • Enhanced Marketplace portal for WebJaguar B2B Edition
  • Enhanced Apparel Layout was introduced
  • Data Net IT selected WebJaguar as the B2B platform to power the Cisco Company Store using Punch-Out Integration
  • AdvancedEMedia released its Version 8.0 of WebJaguar providing superior performance for its B2B and B2C customer base providing extremely competitive and cost effective platform alternative to Hybris and Netsuite...
Year 2013
  • WebJaguar introduced unlimited custom product fields and introduced the concept of field groups, enabling merchants with large number of products attributes to be searchable
  • WebJaguar introduced new and enhanced partner program with White label and co-branding capability for IT Consultants, Web Design firms and more
  • WebJaguar introduced its enhanced supplier and drop shipping technology enabling shipping calculation based on source zip of supplier necessary for the promotional products business or any business using drop shipper to fullfil their orders
  • WebJaguar introduced enhanced admin order manager functionality using Lucent search
  • WebJaguar introduced an enhanced layout for Deal-of-the-Day or Deal-of-the-Month with Count-Down timer enabling increased sales
  • WebJaguar introduced enhanced mark-up and margin control for the ASI SmartLink feed
  • WebJaguar finalized the VBA module (Virtual Bank Account) module to fully manage online payments for the marketplace module
  • WebJaguar enhanced customer shipping configuration with control by customer, by product, and by brand, by customer group
  • WebJaguar enhanced the quote module with more advanced features needed to B2B customers
  • WebJaguar enhanced its multi-store technology with more pricing control, now the same product can be priced differently on different stores
  • WebJaguar added fully feartured PunchOut Integration enabling B2B companies to grow and acquire more
  • State of Florida selected the WebJaguar platform to power their B2B business
  • MarketSanctuary selected the WebJaguar platform to power their B2B and Marketplace business
  • Dealer Store Solution and Master Data feed module was released enabling for first time customers to offer dealer store site, perfect for franchise companies manufacturers and large distributors giving the power for their dealers to sell more products
  • Bangala.com one of the largest nutritional product distributor in the USA selected WebJaguar to power their B2B business
Year 2012
  • Wintertthur Museum relaunched their Winterthurstore.com site with WebJaguar
  • WebJaguar supports 2 additional languages: Spanish & French. Currently German and Arabic versions are in development
  • WebJaguar signup Brandit Co and built BranditSpecial.com which is a company store for MetroPCS dealers, now powering over 50 MetroPCS Dealer Stores
  • WebJaguar release an advanced B2B module called the Processing Module which allows B2B companies to assemble and dis-assemble products for inventory purpose
  • WebJaguar introduced its enhanced Sales Rep module enabled WebJaguar customer to fully manage inside and field reps with sales manager capability as well with territory manager
  • WebJaguar introduced enhanced shipping module enabling merchant to also take into consideration how many products can fit in one box for UPS
  • WebJaguar introduced an enhanced product layout for B2B allowing the display of case pack pricing and special pricing in addition to buying by unit
  • WebJaguar has integrated ASI SmartLink feed fully as a turnkey solution for ASI Distributors
  • WebJaguar Finalized the Budget module and Manager Approval module
  • WebJaguar finalized a direct data feed for all of customers using WebJaguar to submit their products to the premier b2b marketplace mytradezone seamlessly and with no work
  • WebJaguar enhanced the form builder technology and auto-responder to have unlimited fields and groups...
  • WebJaguar enhanced its real-time import/export for Products and customers database to also include control by category and sku
  • WebJaguar became member of CompTIA It organization
  • ViaTrading selected the WebJaguar Platform and Technology developed for myTradeZone to launch its Consignment Portal Liquidate Now
  • MyTradeZone participated in the Launch Conference in San Francisco to announce the release of the beta version of MyTradeZone
  • AdvancedEMedia Launched a Beta version of myTradeZone.com a B2B marketplace and Social Networking portal
Year 2011
  • WebJaguar platform is Now Integrated with EchoSign Digital Signature Technology (name Adobe EchoSign) to provide paperless office and automate contract signing
  • Webjaguar platform enhanced its infrastructure with Rackspace to provide superior cloud based
  • WebJaguar introduced the Gift Card module
  • WebJaguar introduce the Quote module part of its solution
  • WebJaguar enhanced the Inventory manager with more features related to history and products initialization
  • Customer store with over 7 million products went live using WebJaguar technology
  • Introducing WebJaguar's CRM, fully integrated Contact Relationship Management solution for WebJaguar customers
Year 2010
  • WebJaguar introduced White Glove and curb side delivery feature enabling a merchant to tag products as ups shippable or not and you will have different line item for shipping
  • WebJaguar introduced dimensional weight consideration when calculating shipping
  • WebJaguar finalized full and seamless integration with Etilize Products Data, providing access to products data for more than 8,000,000 products
Year 2009
  • WebJaguar worked with Rackspace engineer to convert its infrastructure to fully cloud based technology
  • WebJaguar was enhanced to support international languages
  • WebJaguar released an enhanced version of the main account sub-accounts enabling merchants to sell to larger chain stores or larger companies with different departments and for them to be able to monitor sales level across different department or store, allows unlimited level deep
  • WebJaguar released advanced store locator module
  • WebJaguar introduced the advanced Sales and Marketing module enabling deal manager, deal segmentation, products reviews, products comparison, Loyalty program and so on
  • WebJaguar introduced its Multi-Store technology, enabled companies to launch different store fronts to power different brands managed fully from one admin
  • WebJaguar introduced enhanced Service module request mainly for the Ink and Toner Industry