WebJaguar has built-in SEO tools and offer you full marketing and SEO srvices. Also WebJaguar comes with a booklet that will help you and your team get started with SEO and Marketing services. These are all provided at no cost to you part of the WebJaguar package. Consultation is also provided at no cost to you. Now sometimes, you or your team is too busy doing the right thing for SEO, you could hire our team to handle this task for you.

Ranking higher than your competitors on Google is a must. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to increasing brand-awareness and most of all sales on your web-store. Our team of experts know what it takes to get your site ranked on the the front page of the major search engines. We know what it takes to get in front of your target audience. There are no tricks and gimmicks, just hard work and experience. We will be glad to show you what we've done for others like you.

We are so confident in our skills; that we offer a 100% guarantee on our SEO service. If we commit to optimizing your website, we offer a 100% guarantee of top placement of keywords on the main search engines. This service is offered selectively and depends on your site, product line, and target customers. Contact us to see if your site qualifies. The cost is based on a minimum 6-month commitment for a fixed monthly fee. Additionally, we will leverage on many of the built-in features in WebJaguar's B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions to maximize exposure on search engines.