WebJaguar platform is designed in a way that we can migrate other sites from other providers relatively easy. WebJaguar migration tools are great whether your site is an ecommerce site or a corporate portal site. We already developed many built-in migration tools to make the process easy and fast. Including migrating the design and layout elements, content elements and more. As cloud-based B2B and B2C ecommerce software, WebJaguar is a fully configurable platform, we can replicate your old behavior and effects easily for example if you have private or public content that can be setup in no time. If you have worked on a special design, we can migrate it to WebJaguar and our team will provide insights on how to improve the design and user experience to maximize conversion and usability.

Preserving your SEO ranking is a top priority of WebJaguar migration experts. our SEO migration results in no loss in rankings, improved impressions, CTR, and traffic.