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When you're looking for a robust B2C e-commerce platform that provides all the features you need to dominate your markets and thrive as an online retailer, you will find the best solution is WebJaguar.

Our e-commerce software is more than just an online sales and shopping cart platform for your website; it's a powerful and multi-faceted marketing, management, and order processing resource that can be fully customized to the needs of your business.

This Cloud-based software is designed for online retail companies that are tired of being held back by the limits of standard e-commerce platforms and service providers.

If you've outgrown your current platform or if you feel you're relying on too many apps and systems that don't work together, WebJaguar provides the control and flexibility you need to grow, along with the dynamic tools you need to streamline your marketing and sales capabilities.

WebJaguar's e-commerce platform for retailers and online merchants not only gives you access to world-class e-commerce tools, it provides high value at an extremely competitive price.

WebJaguar's B2C e-commerce platform provides a wide-range of tools and modules that account for essential and enhanced B2C sales capabilities.

Best of all, this software is highly configurable so it can meet your unique and customized requirements with ease.

Rising To The Challenges Of B2C E-commerce And Online Retail

Today, consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to buying products and interacting with retailers. As their choices grow, so does your competition and the pressure to stay capable and relevant to the markets you serve.

To be successful and maximize your ability to build and maintain your customer base, you need the ability to serve buyers any which way they prefer to shop. This is why your selection of a B2C platform service provider, and the capabilities contained within their software, matters so much.

Your e-commerce platform must support your business where it is and where it's going. It should contribute to and account for all of your business practices and touch points for your entire organization.

WebJaguar can rise to meet and exceed those demands. Because of its flexibility and constantly evolving capabilities, it's the last e-commerce platform you'll ever need.

Many Solutions In One Platform

With WebJaguar's B2C e-commerce edition, you have everything you need to manage, market, and sell through one multi-faceted platform.

With this single software solution, you're getting hundreds of configurable features, including:

  • Managing modules that make it easy to configure your catalog, products, customer groups, etc.
  • Real-time import and export tools so you can update your product listings and other details fast.
  • Comprehensive marketing resources that include easy setup and implementation of lead nurturing campaigns, email marketing, affiliate programs, customer loyalty incentives, promotional tools, product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations, and more.
  • Across-the-board reporting tools that help you gain valuable insight into your company's success and growth.
  • Order fulfillment and shipping tools so you can serve your customers faster with less manual input and time spent.
    And that's only the beginning.

Overcoming Key Challenges In B2C E-commerce

We at WebJaguar know that retailers and B2C companies face a specific set of challenges, many of which cannot be overcome by a single type of standard e-commerce software. That's what makes our platform different. It's built to the unique and varying needs of companies like yours.

We can provide solutions that will enable you to:

Serve your customers consistently and reliably across multiple channels, from your online catalog and mobile store, to your brick and mortar shop.

Make it easier for customers to find what they need using searching and browsing methods to which they are accustom. You can even configure your shop in numerous ways, down to a specific region, market, or type of customer.

Gain peace-of-mind when you know that you can keep your current platform and change it to suit your business practices. If you need to update or grow from your current position, you can do so efficiently - without having to re-platform or change to suit the limitations of your software.

Keep your shop relevant and useful to your customers, even as technology, trends, and standards change. You can stay up-to-date and more competitive without having to constantly adjust or upset what's working for your business.

Stay consistent and connected across a single platform. You don't have to juggle with multiple apps and manually manage different software just to cover all your bases. Just about everything you need for marketing, sales, and order fulfillment is contained within a single solution. Everything connects and communicates, which not only saves you time and energy, it's reducing the amount you pay while allowing you to use a more cohesive system.

Know that you have a platform that enables you to branch out to new markets, demographics, and even completely new selling arenas. You can go from B2C markets and branch out to B2B if that's where your success takes you. All the resources you need to be capable and flexible are available through one platform.

Ensure that your shop looks great and is fully functional no matter your customers' preferred methods of browsing and buying. A responsive design layout makes this possible across mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, laptops and desktops, and other screens.

Reach more customers in more places with the option to support multiple languages and vary your products, prices, and other specifics based on different regions, customer types, and more.

Avoid the need to switch systems or get stuck with redundant functionality thanks to a platform that can integrate seamlessly with your current ERP and accounting systems.

Utilize enhanced management capabilities, including the ability to represent complex and custom configured products, such as items with multiple sizes, colors, and other options. You can make it easy for your customers to select individual components of a kit, gift basket, or other multi-piece offerings.

Create and manage multiple storefronts, company stores, brands, and divisions all from one admin, while ensuring that each is distinct and catered to the appropriate customer demographics.

Configure your system to accommodate factors such as local, state, and regional taxes; shipping allowances, limitations, and options; third-party fulfillment; and just about any other portion of your sales and management process.

Stop spending more than you expect because you need to integrate something unexpected or pay extra for key features that you need to do things efficiently. Our platform accounts for everything you need to operate smoothly, and for a clear, highly competitive price.

Step 1

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Business

WebJaguar B2C Core Edition

Essential package for launching your business

$499 /month
$4,990 if paid yearly (equivalent to $415/month)
  • Up to 10,000 SKUs
  • 5 Admin Users
  • Daily Backup
  • FAQ & Knowledge Base Manager
  • Regular Software Update
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Tools
  • Smart Search Filtering & Predictive Search
  • Advanced Sales & Marketing Tools
  • Shipping Manager
  • Gift Card
  • Full CRM Functionality
  • Integrated Email Marketing Tools
  • Self Service Ticket & Support Manager
  • Advanced Reporting & Stats
  • Setup Tax Rate per City, State & Country
  • Order Management & Order Processing System
  • Affiliate Marketing Module
  • Amazon Feed
  • Quick Order Form

WebJaguar B2C Premium Edition

Advanced package for your growing business

$899 /month
$8,990 if paid yearly (equivalent to $749/month)
  • Up to 100,000 SKUs
  • 10 Admin Users
  • Advanced Case Pack Behavior
  • PO Manager
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Loyalty Module
  • Main Account / Sub-account
  • Inventory Manager
  • Build-A-Box
  • Supplier / Vendor Manager
  • Pay my Invoices Online
  • Products Review
  • Products Comparison
  • Gift Certificate
  • Request For Quote Feature
  • Ability to setup special search keywords that triggers going to a landing page
  • UPS Worldship integration Module
  • FedEx Shipping Label Integration
  • Ability to save multiple carts for later checkout

WebJaguar B2C Enterprise Edition

Deluxe package for businesses with specialized requirement

+1 888-718-5051
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited Orders/Month
  • 20 Admin Users
  • Dedicated Server
  • Customized Business Rules
  • API Access
  • Access to Selected JSP Pages
  • Protected Access / Membership Manager

Step 2

Select Your On-Boarding Package

Site Template Generic

  • Provided directly with the signing of any of the WebJaguar packages
  • Based on a generic Site Design template that you can select from over 100 designs
  • It is your responsibility to change the banners, style sheet, build the different content pages, add the product database, and any of the design elements
  • Includes generic Product Thumbnail layout and generic Products Details Layout
  • We provide you full support and training

Site Template Core

  • Home Page Design based on the template selected, include basic modification of the design elements of the template such as logo, up to 4 banners, stylesheet
  • Responsive Product Scroller Styling and implementation
  • Responsive Banner Animation styling and implementation
  • Main content pages implementation (Contact Us, Lead Gen form, About Us)
  • Includes the styling of a generic thumbnail layout
  • Includes the styling of a generic product detail layout
  • Google Site Analytics Setup
  • Includes Basic SEO setup for your whole site (dynamic product tags, dynamic category tags, Dynamic Google site map, Mod-Rewrite setup)

Our team will work hand in hand with your team to modify the template to fit your needs

Site Template Premium

ALL the Core Design Package plus
  • Products Database Setup and Migration Assistance
  • Customer Database Migration Migration Assistance
  • CRM and Contacts Database Migration Assistance
  • Contact Us Lead Generation form with Auto-Responder Setup
  • Products thumbnail layout customization based on the selected template
  • Product detail layout customization based on the selected template
  • Two Custom Email templates design

Our team will work hand in hand with your team to modify the template to fit your needs

Custom Design Deluxe

$9,999 +
All The Premium Design package offering PLUS
  • Fully custom site design and branding
  • Fully custom product detail layout
  • Fully custom Thumbnail Layout
  • Fully custom Mega Drop-Down Menus

This is a fully custom design and branding for your site. Our team will consult with your team on your specific needs and build a fully custom site design. In addition we will build custom product thumbnail view and custom product details view. We also provide project proto typing service and design mockup.


Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Accounting Integration Sage 100 (Pricing is per touch point)
QuickBook Integration
Accounting Integration Sage 300 (Pricing is per touch point)
Accounting Integration Sage 500 (Pricing is per touch point)
Accounting Integration Sage Live
Accounting Integration Sage 50
IBM As/400 (Pricing is per touch point)
JD Edwards (Pricing is per touch point)
Great Plains (Pricing is per touch point)
Accuterm (Pricing is per touch point)
Watson Core
IBM Watson Analytics Enterprise Edition
Adobe ESign Integration (Require a third party Adobe account)
Advanced Warehouse Management (Call)
Group Buy
Amazon Integration
Subscribe and Save
Language Module (Pricing is per language)
Multi-Store Module (Require master site template)
Downloadable Products Purchase
Etlize Content Feed (Enable rich product data for IngramMicro, TechData and Synnex)
IngramMicro Products Data Feed
TechData Products Data Feed
Synnex Products Data Feed
ADI Global Products Data (Require separate package)
UPS Worldship Integration
FedEx Shipping Label Integration
USPS Shipping Label Integration via Endicia
EchoSign Digital Signature for full document and contract automation
LTL And Freight Shipping Quote (Call. Included in B2B Premium)
Request For Quote (Included in B2B Premium)
Sales Rep Management and Automation Module (Pricing is per number of sales rep)
Sales Rep Presentation Module (Pre request Sales Rep Management and Automation Module)
Store Locator / Sales Rep Locator / Dealer Locator (3-in-1 module) (Included in Sales Rep Presentation Module)
Advanced Sales & Marketing, Abandoned Cart, Products Reviews & Comparison Module
Products Review

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