B2B Ecommerce Solution

B2B Commerce

WebJaguar B2B Commerce Overview

The WebJaguar Commerce platform is designed from the ground up to accommodate B2B businesses in wide range of industries, including wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Industrial companies, Dealers store solutions, Promotional products industry, Importers and others.

B2B Ecomerce Solution

WebJaguar B2B commerce tames the complexity by automating and enabling the configuration of the different business elements required by B2B businesses to work and function together. Including:

  • Advanced Order Manager, automating order processing and fulfillment
  • Sales administration and user preference
  • Supplier management and drop shipping including automating splitting orders into different POs
  • Sales Rep automation, Sales presentation and PDF Catalog Builder tools
  • Personalization and customers workflow tools
  • Personalized pricing per customer and per customer group
  • Custom payment terms per customer and per customer group
  • Smart re-order form and One Add-To-Cart Layout for easy customer ordering
  • Inventory and warehouse management tools
  • Manage orders from multiple channels and multiple branding
  • Ability to checkout from the shopping cart by different brands
  • Manage complex shipping and promotion rules that depends on the customer type and products
  • Automate quote generation, processing and approval process, and conversion of quote into orders
  • Full support for B2B Punch-Out Catalog Integration and eQuoting with ERP Packages (SAP, Peoplesoft, Ariba, ...)
  • Accounts and sub-account with budget and approval process and B2B Business workflow (helps acquire / serve larger customers)
  • Digital signature integration with Adobe EchoSign, automate even further your business workflow (including condition of purchase and so on...)
  • For promotional products industry, the advanced products configurator as well as the specialized apparel layout, helps you truly create and end-to-end ecommerce process

B2B Commerce Key Challenges

  • Ability for the site to recognize each of your customer's group and be able to serve them their own products, pricing, payment method, shipping and so on. Once you achieve this, you are able to do self-service capability and this provides your customers a very convenient way to order from you - any time - anywhere - and also at the same time lowers your administrative cost.
  • Ability to for your site to present an easy to use and intuitive user interface for your customers to order products from you, the way they are familiar with. For example (screen shot for ISC sales, and screen shot from Fantasia, and screen shot for superior washers, and screen shot from premier, and screen shot from nettropgy, screen shot from wexpress ? these will be part of the screen shot tab). Products can be sold by unit or by case, products might have parent and children (maybe different colors), maybe products, needs to be quickly re-ordered when inventory is low? you will need a platform that easily supports this, without any customization, and with some built in layout and configuration tools
  • Ability to deliver a retail-like shopping experience for B2B companies. This would provide a more intuitive, personalized and efficient buying experience and would exceed the customer expectations and encourage your customers to use your site rather than calling you.
  • Ability to be support Punchout catalog as needed that will open the doors for larger accounts to buy from you.
  • Ability to be configured for different business rules that determines business workflow for budget and approval process.
  • Ability to supports admin tools to facilitate order fulfillment process, whether the products are fulfilled from your warehouse, from 3rd party fulfillment companies or whether the products needs to be drop shipped from your suppliers, or a combination of the above. This will help you in reducing administrative cost and automating your order processing.
  • Ability to serve different market either using the same domain, or another domain, for example serving Canadian customers or US customers with different products, pricing and so on.
  • Supporting internationalization as needed
  • Managing everything from one centralized platform
  • Need a platform that is flexible to allow you to easily "configure" your business model easily

Step 1

Select the Package that Best Fits Your Business

WebJaguar B2B Core Edition

Essential package for launching your business

$799 /month
$7,999 if paid yearly (equivalent to $665/month)
  • Up to 10,000 SKUs
  • 5 Admin Users
  • 1 Sales Rep User
  • Daily Backup
  • FAQ & Knowledge Base Manager
  • Regular Software Update
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Tools
  • Smart Search Filtering & Predictive Search
  • Advanced Sales & Marketing Tools
  • Shipping Manager
  • Gift Card
  • Full CRM Functionality
  • Integrated Email Marketing Tools
  • Self Service Ticket & Support Manager
  • Advanced Reporting & Stats
  • Protected Access / Membership Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Order Management & Order Processing System
  • Affiliate Marketing Module
  • Amazon Feed
  • Quick Order Form

WebJaguar B2B Premium Edition

Advanced package for your growing business

$1,499 /month
$14,990 if paid yearly (equivalent to $1,249/month)
  • Up to 100,000 SKUs
  • 10 Admin Users
  • 10 Sales Rep Users
  • Advanced Case Pack Behavior
  • PO Manager
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Loyalty Module
  • Main Account / Sub-account
  • Build-A-Box
  • Supplier / Vendor Manager
  • Pay my Invoices Online
  • Products Review
  • Products Comparison
  • Gift Certificate
  • Request For Quote Feature
  • Ability to setup special search keywords that triggers going to a landing page
  • UPS Worldship integration Module
  • FedEx Shipping Label Integration
  • Ability to save multiple carts for later checkout
  • Shipping can be configured differently based on customer group
  • LTL Shipping rules

WebJaguar B2B Enterprise Edition

Deluxe package for businesses with specialized requirement

+1 888-718-5051
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited Orders/Month
  • 20 Admin Users
  • 20 Sales Rep Users
  • Dedicated Server
  • Customized Business Rules
  • API Access
  • Access to Selected JSP Pages
  • Protected Access / Membership Manager

Step 2

Select Your On-Boarding Package

Site Template Generic

  • Provided directly with the signing of any of the WebJaguar packages
  • Based on a generic Site Design template that you can select from over 100 designs
  • It is your responsibility to change the banners, style sheet, build the different content pages, add the product database, and any of the design elements
  • Includes generic Product Thumbnail layout and generic Products Details Layout
  • We provide you full support and training

Site Template Core

  • Home Page Design based on the template selected, include basic modification of the design elements of the template such as logo, up to 4 banners, stylesheet
  • Responsive Product Scroller Styling and implementation
  • Responsive Banner Animation styling and implementation
  • Main content pages implementation (Contact Us, Lead Gen form, About Us)
  • Includes the styling of a generic thumbnail layout
  • Includes the styling of a generic product detail layout
  • Google Site Analytics Setup
  • Includes Basic SEO setup for your whole site (dynamic product tags, dynamic category tags, Dynamic Google site map, Mod-Rewrite setup)

Our team will work hand in hand with your team to modify the template to fit your needs

Site Template Premium

ALL the Core Design Package plus
  • Products Database Setup and Migration Assistance
  • Customer Database Migration Migration Assistance
  • CRM and Contacts Database Migration Assistance
  • Contact Us Lead Generation form with Auto-Responder Setup
  • Products thumbnail layout customization based on the selected template
  • Product detail layout customization based on the selected template
  • Two Custom Email templates design

Our team will work hand in hand with your team to modify the template to fit your needs

Custom Design Deluxe

$9,999 +
All The Premium Design package offering PLUS
  • Fully custom site design and branding
  • Fully custom product detail layout
  • Fully custom Thumbnail Layout
  • Fully custom Mega Drop-Down Menus

This is a fully custom design and branding for your site. Our team will consult with your team on your specific needs and build a fully custom site design. In addition we will build custom product thumbnail view and custom product details view. We also provide project proto typing service and design mockup.

B2B WebJaguar Add-Ons and Extensions

Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
PunchOut Catalog and cxml Integration
Accounting Integration-ERP Integration
IBM Watson Analytics Enterprise Edition
Adobe ESign Integration (Require a third party Adobe account)
Advanced Warehouse Management (Call)
Group Buy
Amazon Integration
Subscribe and Save
Language Module (Pricing is per language)
Multi-Store/Recurring Product Purchase Module (Require master site template)
Downloadable Products Purchase
IngramMicro Products Data Feed
TechData Products Data Feed
Synnex Products Data Feed
Etlize Content Feed (Enable rich product data for IngramMicro, TechData and Synnex)
D & H Products Data feed
ADI Global Products Data (Require separate package)
UPS Worldship Integration
FedEx Shipping Label Integration
LTL And Freight Shipping Quote (Call. Included in B2B Premium)
Request For Quote (Included in B2B Premium)
Sales Rep Management and Automation Module (Pricing is per number of sales rep)
Sales Rep Presentation Module (Pre request Sales Rep Management and Automation Module)
Store Locator / Sales Rep Locator / Dealer Locator (3-in-1 module) (Included in Sales Rep Presentation Module)
Products Review
Watson Core
EchoSign Digital Signature for full document and contract automation
Advanced Sales & Marketing, Abandoned Cart, Products Reviews & Comparison Module

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