WebJaguar B2B E-Commerce Solutions, A Software Platform
That Configures To Your Business

The WebJaguar e-commerce and marketing automation platform is designed from the ground up to accommodate B2B businesses in a wide range of industries, including wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, industrial companies, and businesses in need of powerful B2B e-commerce solutions that is configurable, scalable and customizable and can be tailored to your specific business needs and requirements.

WebJaguar Commerce supports configurable and complex approaches to selling B2B products online. This approach delivers lower cost and quicker deployment of the B2B Project.

The B2B e-commerce platform we provide offers the very best in management, marketing, and sales capabilities. It's been meticulously developed to meet the varied requirements of companies that require something more capable and customizable than the average B2B e-commerce software. WebJaguar do offer you an all-in-one platform so you do not have to go to multiple systems. For example, WebJaguar includes, email marketing, marketing automation, Leads nurturing, CRM, Form builder, advanced pricing control, catalog builder, advanced and faceted search technology all built-in as one integrated B2B offering.

Too many companies, from major international wholesalers to promotional product manufacturers, are tired of dealing with e-commerce marketplace software that falls short of expectations and doesn't deliver what it should for the cost.

They understandably want to avoid the time and money it takes to adjust to software and platform limitations. Why pay more and work harder for a solution that isn't catered to your needs?

WebJaguar is different, and just a brief overview of what it provides is all it takes to see why it's recognized as the best B2B e-commerce platform.

Stop spending money and wasting time adjusting to the limits of your current e-commerce solution provider. You can finally start unlocking your full revenue generating and customer acquisition potential with a B2B e-commerce cross-sell solution that provides real-time inventory, marketing automation, and virtually unlimited potential for business and sales growth. WebJaguar offers lots of business rules automation including ERP integration, full API access and more.

WebJaguar's B2B e-commerce tames the complexity of managing inventory and selling products online by automating and enabling the configuration of different business elements and capabilities. Our platform makes it possible to connect powerful and valuable business tools so everything works together, including:

  • Advanced order manager with automated order processing and fulfillment
  • Sales administration and user preference
  • Supplier management and drop-shipping, including automating order sorting into different POs
  • Sales rep automation with sales presentation and PDF catalog builder tools
  • Personalization of customer workflow tools
  • Personalized pricing per customer and per customer group
  • Custom payment terms per customer and per customer group
  • Smart reorder form and one add-to-cart layout for easy customer ordering
  • Inventory and warehouse management tools
  • Manage orders from multiple channels and multiple branding sources
  • Ability to checkout from a single shopping cart with multiple brands
  • Manage complex shipping and promotion rules that depend on customer specifics and individual products
  • Automate quote generation, processing, and approval process, with easy conversion from quote to order
  • Full support for B2B Punch-Out Catalog Integration and eQuoting with ERP Packages (SAP, Peoplesoft, Ariba, etc.)
  • Account and sub-account with budget and approval process, along with B2B
  • Business workflow to help acquire and serve larger customers
  • Digital signature integration with Adobe EchoSign to further automate your business workflow, including condition of purchase and more
  • Advanced products configurator for promotional and custom products industry, including specialized apparel layout to truly create an end-to-end e-commerce process

B2B E-commerce Key Challenges

Your website needs to be able to recognize each of your customer groups so visitors and customers see relevant products, accurate pricing, appropriate payment methods, shipping options, and so on. Once you achieve this, you now offer comprehensive self-service, which provides your customers with a convenient, streamlined way to shop and place orders - anytime, anywhere. All the while, you've reduced your administrative cost and freed up more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Your website should present an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that anticipates your customers' needs, products of interest, and a shopping and ordering method that makes sense to them.

If your products are sold by unit or by the case, if they feature various customizations such as size, color, finish, etc., if they're part of a larger offering such as a gift basket, your customers should be able to clearly see their options and select them on the spot. If your product inventory runs low, it would save you a ton of time and stress if you could receive notification or implement automatic reordering at a specific quantity limit. You will need a platform that easily supports such capabilities without requiring hidden costs and implementation time to add them.

Just because you are serving other businesses, you should be able to deliver a familiar, retail-like shopping experience. A B2B e-commerce experience shouldn't lack the personalization efficiency that customers value across B2B and B2C purchasing platforms. You want to exceed customer expectations and encourage your customers to use your site rather than calling you. You also want to create an impression that keeps buyers coming back to your site.

You want to acquire more customers and accommodate their ordering needs through punch-out catalog options. Just think of how you can open doors for larger accounts by expanding your e-commerce capabilities and customer ordering methods. You want the flexibility to provide clients with buying options that suit their company rules and workflow, such as budget and approval requirements. You also need the ability to configure these options for individual accounts, so you provide the most personalized and streamlined experience for your customers.

You need to be able to support admin tools that facilitate the order fulfillment process, whether products are supplied from your warehouse, from third-party fulfillment centers, affiliate companies, or other sources. You need features that atomically account for drop shipments and other fulfillment steps. When you have an e-commerce system that not only accommodates such specifics but automates for them, the result is less money and time spent on manual input and administrative capacities for order processing.

You need to efficiently serve different markets either on a single or multiple domains. When you serve specific markets based on region or country, you want to make sure your shop is displaying the correct products, pricing, and language based on where the buyer is located. If you want to offer a portion of your inventory to a specific region and your total inventory to another region, your e-commerce platform should make it easy for you to define and implement these specifics.

If you serve or plan to serve customers across borders or globally, your system should support internationalization as needed.

There's no reason to have various capabilities and features scattered across multiple applications and systems. You should have the power to manage everything from one centralized platform that grows and evolves as you need it to.

You need a platform that is flexible and allows you to easily configure its capabilities to your business model - not the other way around.

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