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The promotional products industry is highly competitive, demanding, and is constantly changing. Distributors need to be equipped with a flexible foundation and user-friendly tools needed to flourish in an increasingly demanding industry.

The promotional products industry can be difficult to navigate and you need a partner who can guide you. Our expertise in the promotional products industry allows us to advise our clients on strategy to increase customer acquisition and better serve existing ones.

We've created our enterprise e-commerce platform with promotional products manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in mind. The tools and resources available through our solution are designed to enhance the way you manage, market, and sell without requiring any changes to your practices.

WebJaguar has many built-in features for the promotional products industry and has the speed to keep up with savvy customers.

Easily manage order across different channels and source to various suppliers. WebJaguar has many marketing and SEO features to help you increase brand-awareness and sales.

WebJaguar is highly customizable which allows our team to configure its capability and functions to your requirements.

WebJaguar is extremely user-friendly and allows customers to easily search products, checkout, and track orders among other functions. Customers will be able to seamlessly navigate your site and get answers to their questions, all the while experiencing an enjoyable online-shopping process.

The Features YOU need in One System!

  • Advanced SEO Tools
  • Custom Layout and Design
  • Native Mobile Support and Responsive Design Framework
  • Enable the right suppliers and products for your store
  • Ability To rank products and suppliers when searching
  • Apply price Markup/Margin Globally, per Customer Group and per Company Store
  • Create discounts and Sales tags by products and schedule at a specific date
  • Split and an order into different POs (Purchase Orders) and send to corresponding supplier
  • Fully Featured CRM, Form Builder. Auto responders, great for keeping up with customers and for lead generation and tracking
  • Mass Email Marketing tools with template builder. Full reporting and re-marketing capabilities
  • Cloud Based, Modern, and Secure infrastructure. We manage everything related to hosting and infrastructure and technology update so you can focus on your business
  • Request a Quote and convert quotes into orders
  • Ability to combine blank apparel pricing with your own decoration pricing
  • Exclusive product configuration for logo placement, imprint method and colors
  • Sales Presentation Module & PDF Catalog Builder. Great sales tool for your sales team
  • Advanced Company Store Capabilities
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Budget and Approval Process, MDF order, credit and reward program
  • Full Back Office functionality including Order manager and processing
  • Sub-Accounts Manager to help you sell to businesses with multiple locations or cost centers. Great tool for customer acquisition.
  • Advanced Search Filtering and predictive search
  • Sales Rep Module with Personalized landing pages for each Rep
  • Advanced Product Configurator to create a truly end-to-end self service and order processing
  • Contact Management System
  • PunchOut Catalog Integration with equoting capability
  • Dynamic Imaging Capabilities, Logos Library and Many More!
  • Order schedule Calendar to confirm in-hands date delivery
  • Over 500,000 products from the industry's VIP Suppliers

VIP Supplier

Advanced Apparel Layout with custom configurator based on Company Store or Customer Group

Logo Library Feature based on a Specific Customer Group or Company Store. Customers within the group can upload a Logos or Admin can upload Logos

Create unlimited Markup / and Margin list and associate that to different suppliers, or even different customer groups or company store. Gives you full flexibility in controlling pricing per customer for the same products without having to duplicate products

Advanced search filtering technology with narrow search results that is Dynamically generated based on products attributes, enables your customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. It enables your sales team to quickly and easily research products ideas for your customers and very easily create products ideas link to send to their clients... Tools to help you sell more, and tools to help you customers find exactly what they are looking for and based on their budget.

Clicking on a product reveal everything your customers needs to know about the products, including pricing and so on. Your customers can further customize the product, or simply add it to their wish list or even request a quocenter-block te.

The Advanced Products configurator allows your customers to fully checkout using self service, as if your site act like a virtual sales rep that can give exact pricing on demand anytime to your customers. These tools save you lots of time and money, provide great tool for your customers configure the product as they wish.

Create Products recommendation or presentation ideas - in minutes - and send to your customers to view or buy. This can be a tool for your sales team to recommend different products ideas for their customers. You can even quickly put your customer logo for personalization purpose on that page, and even arrange the products in different layouts.

Same products presented differently... change layout in minutes

Personalize the page with your customer logo and name and event tradeshow or event name

On the Admin side, it is very easy to add new payment terms and assign to different company stores or even customer groups. So for a specific customer or customer group, you can assign specific payment method.

Typical Shopping cart display, here you can see detailed cost, automatically calculated when the customer checks out, including setup charges, running charges, different cost for 2XL and so on.

Checkout page shows real time shipping calculation with UPS, in this case, also shows custom shipping which can be customer specific. Also shows the different payment options and terms available for this customer (these are customer specific options). The screen shot also shows that the customer can indicate a request ship date and deadline event date.

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