Accounting, ERP Integration

Accounting Integration

Keeping up-to-date records of profits, inventory, revenues, and taxes for your web store can be overwhelming and involve a great deal of time. WebJaguar makes it easier with seamless integration with leading ERP/accounting software packages.

This way, your web store and customers are kept in-sync with your accounting platform automatically and at all times. A more efficient accounting workflow eliminates chances of error and will save you time and money.

How It Works:

Integration between WebJaguar and your ERP/accounting system automates exporting invoice files and importing inventory data back to the website. In general, sales and customer order information are automatically entered into the back-office accounting platform from the web store. Conversely, order status and product information are automatically updates on the web store front-end which provides customers with up-to-date information.

Also depending on your integration needs, orders placed on your ERP/Accounting platform can be immediately available for viewing on your WebJaguar-powered store via a special staging table window look-up such as "View my SAGE Invoices", and "View my SAGE Order." Different levels of integration are available depending on your needs.


  • Avoid duplicate data-entry.
  • Set triggers for automatic data synchronization.
  • Orders, Inventory, and Customer Data are automatically imported into your accounting system.
  • Data is automatically transferred at user-set times in real-time and regularly.
  • Order Status Information is sent to storefront.


  • Save time and money and reduce business cycle times
  • Increase the speed of information exchange
  • Eliminate chances for error with manual data input
  • View of your synced data in one location
  • Acquire more customers and better serve existing ones.