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Adobe Sign Digital Signature Integration with WebJaguar
Go Paperless! - Automate your Business Work Flow!

WebJaguar integrates seamlessly with Adobe Sign, a simple, easy and legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. Adobe Sign provides everything needed to gather, track, and store documents that contain legally enforceable signatures. Move your office to paperless and have documents signed quickly and efficiently. This extension is ideal for any business that requires document signatures. In particular insurance companies for fully automating form signing digitally. WebJaguar ECommerce Integration with Adobe Sign is also used widely by many B2B companies to automate their business workflow, for example many B2B companies requires conditions of purchase as well as Terms and conditions forms signed before authorizing customers to buy. With Sign digital signature and documents integration with WebJaguar, you can not just fully automate these tasks but also have these signed documents available directly from the WebJaguar admin and content management system.

Benefits of Sign include:

  • Automatically send any document to be digitally signed. Once signed it will be automatically archived on Adobe Secure server for lifetime access
  • WebJaguar integration with Sign takes advantage of special Batch signing of documents. For example send same document to 100s or 1,000 of contacts to be signed. (For example, a resale Tax certificate to be signed for B2B business for a specific state). this process can be extremely time consuming if done manually, with the Sign Widget integration it can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Automatically send proposals and contracts to be signed. Perfect for Loan documents to be digitally signed, lawyers paperworks, or any business that wants to automates their work flow and makes it easy for their customers to sign paper works and proposals electronically. The alternative can be very time consuming, imagine the scenario, where you need to email a proposal to a customer, the customer need to print, sign on paper, and scan and email back, or fax using fax machine, then on the receiving end need to convert to pdf and then save part of the customer record. Versus, simply electronically emailing the document for digital signature, and once signed will be forever attached to the customer record securely on Adobe Sign secure servers for anytime access directly from the WebJaguar content management engine platform.
  • WebJaguar also integrated special features for automatic reminder, that can be set daily or weekly until signed.
  • Sign feature can be also used for B2B companies to automate their business workflows, and presents the customer upon registration with the different documents for e-signing related for example to term of purchase, and other documents for automatic critical business workflows...
  • WebJaguar also implemented the widget feature part of Sign integration. This is an advanced function part of Sign. The Widget function among other things enable a scenario where a document needs to be signed directly on the Web, and not just emailed with a link. This is a powerful feature to allows you to real time automate many of your business workflow. For example after registration on the web site, and if you are in TX, you will be presented with TX resale certificate for signature (rather than emailed for later signing)...
  • Works with PDF, Microsoft Office, Excel and more
  • Get alerts when documents are viewed, signed or delayed
  • Complies with Federal ESIGN act and UETA
  • Enterprise-grade security for document sending, signing.

You send the document

  • Add the recipient's email address
  • Upload your document online, or fax it to Sign
  • Position signature or data boxes within your uploaded document

Recipient signs the document

Sign has the easiest signing experience in the industry so you get your documents signed quickly.

  • Recipient gets an email with a link to your document
  • Document is loaded in web browser, no downloads or installations needed
  • They review and sign instantly online/offline with a mouse or stylus, typing their name, or via fax

On Customer record you can see all documents associated with a specific customer, which ones are signed, and even remind customers to Sign their document

Clicking on the Send Sign document, or even click to remind, takes you to a page that allows you to attach any document you want your customers to digitally sign and send an email. You can even put any note on the email message. You can even control reminder frequency.

WebJaguar offers advanced integration with Adobe Sign by integrating the Widget feature

Clicking on a signed document from the WebJaguar Content Management admin system, enables you to see those documents which are saved securely on Adobe Servers

When clicking to remind, your customer will receive and email in the email box as indicated on the screen shot

Opening the email reveals a preview of the document to be digitally signed, along with any message you put. Clicking on the "Click here to review and e-sign" takes you to the actual document to sign

Your customer will see the document that needs to be sign, along with any required fields to be filled and where to sign.

Your customer can sign digital sign the document and it will be securely archived with Sign and accessible from the WebJaguar content management admin platform

The WebJaguar Commerce and Content Management Platform as listed on the Adobe Sign website