Sales Rep and Sales Presentation and PDF Catalog Builder

We consistently seek to improve our clients business processes across all divisions. With many operations dependent on the efficiency of their sales teams, we focused on providing tools to improve productivity and automation. The Sales Rep and Sales Rep Presentation modules should be considered by any company with a sales team. Allow your sales reps to spend time on closing deals, not creating Powerpoint presentations or spending unecessary time on administrative tasks. Give your sales reps the tools to help your business be more efficient and to help them be more successful.

Sales Rep Module Key Features

  • Assign Sales Rep a Territory
  • Sales Reps are notified when customer in their territory place orders
  • Sales Reps can track commission
  • View reporting on sales reps
  • Sales reps can track and manage their customer's orders
  • Sales Rep can be a manager that manage a group of other reps. Can support unlimited management structure
  • Sales rep can have access to sales rep only area such as sales rep resource center.
  • Sales rep extension also comes with Sales Rep Locator, where a customer can locate sales reps that handle their territory
  • When customer login they can be greeted with a message from their sales rep, putting their sales rep name and contact info

Sales Presentation Module

  • Simply click and add products to your presentation
  • Send presentations to your clients and have them approve products

Sales Rep Management Module

A sales rep assigned to a specific customer gets notified automatically that there this a new customer registered. Allows sales reps to:

  • (a) view a list of ALL their customers
  • (b) place orders on behalf of their customers
  • (c) allows a sales manager to view ALL sales reps assigned to them
  • (e) have access to previous order history/pricing/custom product list for each of their clients.

Easily manage your sales reps.

Assign sales reps to territories.

If a client orders on the site and there is an assigned sales rep for this territory, then automatically this client is assigned to the sales rep.

Assign sales reps directly to customers.

Now on the admin, if a customer is NOT assigned a specific sales rep, admin can change and assign any sales rep to a specific customer.

Find Orders by Sales Rep

Admin can search filter on any order placed by any sales rep for on demand report generation.