Multi-Lingual Commerce

Attract International Attention with WebJaguar Multilingual Module

Today's global economy demands that online businesses provide a multi-lingual solution to meet the needs of potential customers around the world. The internet continues to become a global marketplace and those that cater only to their locality fail to understand the importance of reaching a worldwide audience. This is a big mistake that can prove quite costly in both the short and long-term because of a basic failure to meet the interested of customers globally. The internet makes it easy to reach a global audience, but without a multilingual solution, businesses are seriously limiting themselves.

With WebJaguar's multilingual Ecommerce stores, you can seamlessly translate the content on your site into multiple languages. You will be able to view your content pages, categories and product descriptions in different languages at your bidding. Customers that speak and understand different languages across the globe will be able accessible rather than exclusively local markets. Global users will be able to educate themselves on your products and make confident purchases on your website.

Help Your Business Grow with a Multilingual Solution

Multi-lingual Ecommerce solutions will help your business expand by allowing people from different customers the option to read about your products and navigate your site in their native tongue. Your website will be restricted to your local market and you will lose the opportunity to expose yourself to the global market. This is simply because customers very rarely purchase items from a website wherein they do not understand the language. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that you use a multilingual solution that meets the needs of your customers.

What You Need To Know

  • Language automatically changes depending on the customer log-in
  • Language in mass-emails will automatically change

Full Localization Features

Language modules are available, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, and others; please call us for a quote. Allows full localization.

Not a translation module; site owner is responsible for the localized content of the pages and database. Module provides ability for your customers to easily switch between different languages without requiring two or more sites for the different languages.

Language Detection

This module detects the preferred language settings of the visitor and switches to a matching language if available.