Multi-Store, Company Store E-Commerce Solutions

Run and Manage multiple store fronts, different company stores, all from One admin!

The WebJaguar Multi-Store, Company Store Extension allows you to create, grow, and manage multiple web stores for different channels or for serving specific customers from one admin area, with full control of store layout and behavior.

With a single Back-Office, this extension provides the flexibility needed to manage products, payments terms, orders, etc. on each web store and configure each individually.

Freedom to Design & Customize Each of Your Webstores

The look and feel of each store can be customized separately, thus creating unique designs for each. You have the ability to decide which products are displayed at each store.

Also WebJaguar allows you to sell the same product at different price point depending on the store. This module can be used for creating different stores selling different brands.

The Multi-Store Module provides the flexibility and convenience needed to manage several web projects from a single location and one admin system.

Company Store Solution for the Promotional Products Industry

WebJaguar Company Store Extension has specialized features that are designed specifically for the promotional products industry. Including ability to quickly and easily Duplicate a company store and use it as a starting point to build your next company store for your next customer. Control pricing, markup / margins, sales and discount, shipping, even setup charge and much more per company store.

A Logo Library feature also can be controlled by company store, or even by customer groups within the same company store. Really giving you ultimate flexibility. You can pre-load logos on behalf of your customers or your customers can load their own logos. Logos loaded by your customers are available and visible for the rest of the group. Logos can be selected from the Logo Library when purchasing promotional products apparel, polo shirts, embroidery, or simply any promotional product.

These specialized features are intended to help you acquire customers for the long term and help you grow your business and give you the edge and true advantage in a competitive market. They are also very easy to use, they actually really automate your business processes and make your team be more efficient rather then spending time on administrative tasks.

Multi-stores or company stores can be based on sub-domains or full domains. The sub-domain alternative can be offered competitively as far as pricing. Allowing you to build 100s or even thousands of company stores cost effectively.

Multistore Catalog Features:

  • Ability to manage multiple stores / channels from one admin
  • Individualized design, layout, look, feel for each store
  • Customized behavior and rules for each store
  • One product, customer, and order database for all stores
  • Easily track sales across all stores
  • Common merchant account across all stores
  • Share products across different stores.
  • Each store can have a separate domain name
  • Each store can personalized site messages
  • Let you serve different targeted customers
  • Easily build different company stores for special customers
  • Basic Stores can be setup quickly, if you want in minutes
  • Stores can be private or public
  • Different pricing can be served for the same products
  • Pricing can be based also on specific customer

Key Benefits for a Company store / multi-store

  • Target experiences for different customer groups
  • Collective web site and store data on a single dashboard
  • Advanced Reporting for each store or across all channel
  • Different Markup / Margin per company store
  • Manage orders and shipping across all sites and route to drop-shipping