Marketplace Commerce Portal

Marketplace and Consignment Commerce Portal

Ever thought about allowing others to sell their products on your site, while taking a commission from each sale with functionality similar to Amazon and Ebay? How about allowing other vendors or suppliers to post their products and put them on Consignment on your site! This way you can monetize from the traffic and marketing you already do and increase your sales.

With the WebJaguar Marketplace Portal Extension, you can transform your site into a marketplace site and leverage on your investment to sell more products. Allow and invite approved vendors / suppliers to post their products on your site. Each vendor have their own vendor dashboard to check their sales, check payments to them, fulfill orders, and update order status, update order tracking code and shipping info and career and much more. Commission can be set by product and can be set to a percentage or to a fixed dollar. If it is a fixed dollar, the vendor only sees what is owed to them for those products (they do not see the selling price).

The Marketplace Commerce Portal is an advanced extension that transforms your site instantly into a marketplace site and expand greatly your products offering. You can leverage on the growth of this industry to increase your sales. The marketplace ECommerce portal has to be administered properly to self regulate the marketplace so that vendors or suppliers do not abuse the system. Tools such as supplier or vendor rating and products reviews and feedback helps self regular the site. Also Selling policies needs to be organized, so for example Vendor do not take their time to fulfill orders.

The Marketplace module features a fully configurable posting screen with custom product fields and the ability to normalize the data. Also allows for products rating and reviews as well as supplier or vendor rating and reviews.

If vendors do not wish to post their products one by one, there is a batch import template that vendors can fill and submit, this spreadsheet can be imported at once. So for vendors with 100s or 1,000s of products, even 10s of thousands of products, this can be imported by the admin very easily. If the Supplier or the Vendor already have a WebJaguar site, an automated datafeed can be easily configured for no-work fully updated products from the vendor.

The Marketplace Commerce Portal can be configured as a Consignment Portal where you can create a site that allows customers to post their products on consignment. Products posted on consignment will appear on the site, and commission to the admin can be setup as a percentage of sale or products can be priced at a fixed price. It's incredibly easy to integrate through our Saas e-commerce platform.

We invite you to schedule a live demo with one of our sales consultant to show you this Marketplace module in action.

The Marketplace can be private or public as well.

Once you've seen this and other features available through our B2C and B2B e-commerce software, you'll see how you can maximize your selling capabilities.

Below you can see some screen shots of the different features available in the WebJaguar Marketplace Commerce Portal:

Vendors and suppliers can see their sales.

Vendors and suppliers can "Ship" or "Partially Ship" their orders they can put tracking number and even send a message to the customer that the order is shipped and they can also put a private note to you. They can select carrier and even select status from what you want them to see.

Vendors can see their product list, update inventory and even add children products or variants such as color or size.

Vendor Dashboard provides ability for Vendor to add product, see their products report, see their order report and check their sales and process their orders.

Another view of the Product List

This is an Order Report Page

This is the Products Report

This is a report page

Text is this is my sales report by SKU

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