Punch-Out Catalog Integration with eQuoting

Punchout Catalog Integration

The WebJaguar platform provides capability to communicate with the Procurement Application using industry standard language CXML.

CXML allows buying organizations, suppliers, service providers, and intermediaries to communicate using a single, standard, open language.
Successful business-to-business electronic commerce (B2B e-commerce) portals depend upon a flexible, widely adopted protocol. CXML is a well-defined, robust language designed specifically for B2B e-commerce, and it is the choice of high volume buying organizations and suppliers.
Procurement PunchOut gives suppliers capability to provide live data directly from their punchout sites to the procurement application in real time. PunchOut sites are live, interactive catalogs running on a website. PunchOut sites communicate with procurement systems over the Internet by using CXML.

Flow of Data:

For PunchOut sites, procurement applications display a button instead of product or pricing details. When users click this button, their Web browsers display pages from the supplier's local website. When users are done selecting items, they click a checkout button that returns the order information to the procurement application. The fully configured products and their prices appear within users' purchase requisitions. Refer the diagram shown below:

Purchase Orders

After the buying organization approves the orders, WebJaguar sends purchase orders to suppliers to request fulfillment of a contract. Refer the diagram shown below:

Offer a flexible, user-friendly PunchOut environment

The WebJaguar platform has successfully integrated supplier's websites with buying organizations that use various network hubs like Ariba Supplier Network. WebJaguar provides a supreme amount of flexibility in handling different custom requirements including passing UNSPSC Codes for products, sending notifications to the customer, validation, creating new customers on the fly, and many more.

PunchOut Catalog Features:

  • Provide buyers with product specific pricing and contract pricing
  • Request for Quote ability with e-quoting capabilities
  • Punchout Catalog fully integrated with WebJaguar
  • Integrated with all major ERP software that supports Punch-Out Catalog including SAP, Ariba, PeopleSoft, and others
  • Same Catalog can support multiple Punchouts for different customers

Some of the Customers / Businesses that are using the WebJaguar PunchOut Integration are:

  • Brigham Young University
  • State Of Florida
  • Cisco Systems
  • North Carolina State University
  • Minneapolis Oxygen Company

WebJaguar can connect to any e-procurement ERP system including SAP, Ariba, PeopleSoft