Webjaguar Extensions

Expandable ECommerce Platform with WebJaguar Extensions

The WebJaguar eCommerce platform is built on a scalable and customizable technology architecture, meaning you can never outgrow WebJaguar! In addition to the main features, WebJaguar has many add-on extensions that will help your business grow when you need to. These Add-On eCommerce extensions offer specialized features that are fully configurable and provide you with out-of-the-box expanded capabilities to further increase your ROI, automate and grow your business. Below is more information on some of the available add-on extensions. A link to the complete list is also provided below.

WebJaguar Extensions

With WebJaguar Extensions, you can expand further the functionality of your business any time you are ready. These extentions will open new doors and expand your business and help you earn new business and new opportunity.