Affiliate Module

WebJaguar comes equipped with a fully-featured affiliate marketing module. This module allows you to construct and manage affiliate campaigns efficiently. A group of dedicated affiliates can build your brand exponentially. In many cases, affiliates can be your key to long-lasting success. Your job is to provide your affiliates with an enticing program and provide the resources they need to promote your brand efficiently.

Key Features Include:

  • Easily manage your affiliates
  • Affiliates can be quickly and easily activated
  • Affiliates can be setup to have a commission percentage per order, or even fixed dollar per order
  • Affiliates can be associated to a commission table. For example, maybe you cannot afford to give a commission of 10% on all of your products, and maybe some products you can only afford to give 5% commission. WebJaguar affiliate marketing program allows you to associate different commission tables per type of products
  • WebJaguar affiliate marketing also allows the setup of 2nd level affiliates. For example you can encourage your affiliates to invite others (friends and family...) to also join your affiliate marketing program. And as an incentive, they can get over ride commission on any business they generate. This will encourage your affiliate to build your affiliate network and announce it on their social media pages and followers
  • Affiliates can monitor and see their main commission and 2nd level commission earned anytime
  • Fund Raising Tool: The affiliate marketing program with WebJaguar can be used by schools and many non-profit organizations as a fund raising tool. For example, if you sell Ink & Toner. You can approach your local Churches or different non-profit organization, and the church can post on their website to buy ink and toner from your website and that part of the proceed will go as a fund raising for the church. So church member have incentive to buy from your site to support their organization.

    Similarly, a school sport team can encourage their members to buy polos from your site and that part of the proceed can be used for fund raising tools for the team. With WebJaguar affiliate marketing tools, each team can have their own personalized landing page.

    Another example, if you manufacture picture frames, you can partner with photographer nationwide to join your affiliate program and offer each photographer a dedicated site with their logo and their info so their clients can buy frames for their pictures. You do the fulfillment and processing of the order, and the photographer do the selling. This would be complementary product offering that the photographer can offer their clients. At any time they have full visibility of their customers and commission structure.
  • Each Affiliate can have their own landing page, with their Logo, About, and Contact Us page dedicated to each of the affiliate. The logo and other info can be persistent throughout the shopping process. Each of the above elements has a special tag that can be dynamically embedded on the site layout
  • Affiliate through their dashboard can anytime check their commission and customers and have access to affiliate resource center page. Also affiliate can access a series of banners that they can use and place on their own site if needed
  • Each affiliate have their own unique affiliate ID, the affiliate ID can be associated with a specific discount code that the affiliate can give their client. This unique feature enable your affiliate to comfortably sell and promote your site without feeling threatened that their efforts will be wasted and that their customers will bypass them. If you approach a customer and tell them order this widget from and get 10% on your next order. This potential customer will definitely use the discount code to do the purchase so they get the discount. This discount code ties this customer to the affiliate.
  • Once a customer is tied to an affiliate, the affiliate will get commission on all their feature purchases. This give you the power to build and nurture your affiliate network.
  • An affiliate can be simply be armed with a number of business card, displaying your website address and displaying their affiliate code, which is also used as a discount code for the customer to help you generate sales, lots of sales.

Leverage Our Experience

As part of our consulting services, our experienced team can manage your campaign within the affiliate market. We will construct and launch your campaign within the affiliate network as well as manage your key relationships that are essential to long-lasting success. Your program needs partners that are committed and our team will establish those communication lines with the best affiliates.

To begin with, we will conduct a free evaluation of your affiliate program and gauge its strengths and/or weaknesses. This way we will better understand your goals and the services you will need to reach them. Please contact us for details regarding pricing information for consulting services.

When used correctly the WebJaguar affiliate marketing program can contribute in excess of 30% of your overall revenue... so in another word, if you do not deploy your affiliate program, you could be loosing easily 30% potential revenue.