Customer Service with WebJaguar

If a customer cannot get answers to their questions quickly, chances are they will abandon their carts and leave for your competition's web store.

Simply put, your customer satisfaction rating will drop along with sales if you can't address customer inquiries.

You need to arm your support team with the best tools available to better address your customer's questions and concerns, which will likely increase revenue.

customer service

Serve Your Customers Better

WebJaguar gives your support team access to all customer information needed to efficiently resolve customer problems in a single location.

Personalize your customer service and increase response as well as resolution time.

customer service

Self-Service Center

WebJaguar gives your customer self-service options which greatly increases customer satisfaction.

Customers can easily log into their accounts and check wish lists, order status, order history, order list, submit new and check on existing support tickets, and change personal information such as email or password.

customer service


  • Provide a 360 degree view of your customers
  • Place, modify, or cancel orders on behalf of your customers
  • Take customer payments and authorize returns
  • Modify customer profile including address, credit card info, and shipping info
  • Track order and update your customers automatically

Customer Support Module Include

  • Can easily install any 3rd party Live Chat Support
  • FAQ ability to answer to frequently asked questions
  • Ticket System to track customer inquiries and respond
  • Track all customer interactions
  • Customer Return Manager
  • Ability to respond to customer inquiries quickly