Promote and Prosper with WebJaguar

The WebJaguar platform has already powerful sales and promo engine out of the box, which allows you to create coupon codes, sales tags, smart categories, upsell and cross sells and more. The WebJaguar Advanced Sales and Marketing Extension which is included with the Pro Edition of WebJaguar, takes you to new levels and gives you competitive edge to sell, promote, market and target your products. Another great advantage of the WebJaguar Commerce platform is that these advanced sales and marketing tools are seamlessly integrated part of WebJaguar and you do not have to go to 3rd party and do complex and costly integration and pay additional monthly fees.. Seamless integration and Personalization is a key here. The Advanced Sales and marketing extension offers you the following add-ons to your website:

  • Personalized coupon codes with ability to create coupon code for a specific customer or customer group, for a specific product or group of products, for a specific brand. Coupons can also be applied for shipping, the whole order, or certain products within your order.
  • Groupon Import Capability Ability to import 100s or 1,000 of groupon codes or vouchers
  • Advanced Sales Tags with Deal of the day countdown timer Ability to display sales tag as count down timer, where you customers when browsing a product would be able to see that the sales or discounted price will expire in 2 hours 15 minutes and 30 seconds for example, promoting them to take action NOW and buy your product knowing it will be more expensive later
  • Gift Certificate Ability to allow your customers to buy gift card and email to their friends and family. They can even batch buy gift cards and send to multiple addresses in one operation
  • Loyalty Program Increase loyalty by offering points with every purchase. Points can be redeemed after reaching certain threshold. Different conversion can be assigned for different customers
  • Products Comparison Ability to add products to your comparison list. Unlike other solutions, products can be added to comparison list even if they are from different pages or different search results.
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing This expanded functionality allows you to attach customized landing pages for each of your affiliate while having their logo and contact and about information persistent throughout the shopping experience of the customer
  • Products Reviews WebJaguar offers native support for products review. Reviews can be configured to be annonymous or based on login. Reviews has to be apporved by admin person
  • Advanced Reporting on admin for conversion metrics
  • All of the above can be used with the built-in email marketing tools

Targeting your customers with promotions can be an effective means to increase sales.

Promotions allow you to increase average order size and convert more visitors to sales on your site.

They key is to create and manage your promotions efficiently in order to achieve your business goals. You can target your customers based on their previous behavior and preferences. You can plan your coupons and promotion for the next 60 days today, then watch them trigger and expire automatically.



  • Offer promotion to segmented customer groups
  • Promotions can be based on products and/or order value
  • Easily design and deliver promotions with access to full reporting
  • Promotions can be for specific products or store-wide
  • Track effectiveness and ROI of coupons and promotions
  • Coupons and promotion based on dollar or percentage discount
  • Set coupons for minimum order or specific products and enforce expiration dates
  • Offer free shipping promotions
  • Limit coupons to single use per customer