Dealer Locator, Store Locator, Sales Rep Locator

The WebJaguar Commerce platform has advanced features to enable consumers, or your customers to find a specific Store, to find the dealer they need to work with, or even to find the sales rep that manages their area or territory. All of these 3 locator capabilities are available with this extension. Users can locate a dealer or a store or a sales rep within X mile radius of their zip code. Currently this feature is only available for USA locations.

Consumers are increasingly using the internet to find products and store locations. The Store Locator feature allows website visitors to easily locate a store that sells your products within an "x" mile radius of a specific ZIP code.

You will strengthen customer service and loyalty by allowing them to efficiently locate a products or store.


  • Store Locator, Dealer or Distributor Locator, and Sales Rep. Locator
  • Add unlimited locations to your web-store
  • Display stores nearby on a digital map
  • Display driving directions and store details by integrating with Google Map
  • Customers search by zip code or other criteria
  • Locate a sales rep within a specific territory zip code.
  • The store locator can be placed on public and non-public pages. In case you do not want to disclose this info to the public

store locator map