Order Management

Whether placing an order via desktop, mobile, or in-store, WebJaguar offers centralized order management to provide your customers with an interactive shopping experience that will keep them coming back.

WebJaguar provides customers with fast and reliable order processing from anywhere. WebJaguar provides your customers with an array of orders and fulfillment choices.

Depending on your business model, orders can be placed on the front end, or on the admin, or by sales rep, or can be coming from marketplace. WebJaguar order manager is heavy on personalization, so when customers login, the system knows each one of your customers, knows their products, knows their pricing, their order history and status. Even provide the customer with a quick and easy re-oder form. If you selling to consumers (B2C) or to Wholesalers and Retailers (B2B), webjaguar order manager can present the optimal display mode and User Interface for your customers. For instance, B2B customers enjoy a one add-to-cart feature, also enjoy ability to order for example a polo shirt of each of the 4 colors available and of each of the 5 sizes available, total 20 SKUs. Traditional ecommerce sites you will need to do this operation 20 times, where as using WebJaguar powerful order management system, a customer can order 10 of each of the colors and 10 of each of the sizes all in one operation. Making shopping enjoyable and productive.

WebJaguar order manager also allows customers to really place orders in any way, by case, by unit, via parent / children relationship, and even configure a product when ordering.

Real time integration with the major careers along with ability for custom shipping and more, gives you and your customers ultimate flexibility.

WebJaguar also has advanced pricing engine, advanced cost engine, as well powerful Purchase Order Manager. For example if you do drop shipping, with WebJaguar you can in one click split order into different POs for fulfillment purpose. Also when you send a PO to your supplier, the PO reflects your pricing with that supplier.

WebJaguar order manager has specialized features for the promotional products industry where it fully automates order entry and fulfillment from A to Z.

Part of WebJaguar order manager and when you are dealing with different suppliers, WebJaguar automatically calculate cost based on the source zip code of each supplier. For example your customer is in Los Angeles, and his/her order is 5 line items coming from 3 suppliers one from AZ, one from FL, and one from NY. WebJaguar smart shipping engine automatically and behind the scene do 3 queries to UPS for example and calculates the shipping cost.

WebJaguar order management engine also allows easy re-order from previous orders as well as allows you to assign brands to different products and allows you setup minimum order from each brand and even allows the user to checkout independently from each brand or checkout from all the order.

  • User-friendly UI to manage all order processes
  • Check Inventory availability
  • Place orders from front end, back office, and even from sales rep dashboard
  • Manage your order throughout a complete lifecycle
  • View transaction and audit trails, every update is date and time stamped with the user and notes
  • Create packing lists, and full integration with UPS WorldShip, Fedex and endicia for USPS
  • Split orders for partial drop-ship and delivery
  • Order status notification via email
  • Advanced display layout for processing orders
  • Advanced product configurator