Inventory Management with WebJaguar

In a fast-paced, consumer-driven environment, or B2B environment, it can be challenging to manage your inventory properly. WebJaguar's Order Management tools allows you to track inventory across multiple touch points and accurately display in-stock items.

Simply drop-ship full or partial orders if you don't stock specific inventory. Choose whether to display out-of-stock items and easily adjust inventory levels.

inventory management

WebJaguar Inventory manager is fully featured. Including:

  • Allows or do not allows to display inventory level for customers on the front end on an item by item basis
  • Allow to buy or not to buy items that are negative inventory
  • Allows to keep items visible or not visible if they fall below certain inventory level
  • Indicate a number that is considered low inventory for a specific item. This number can be used for reports that shows items that are low in stock.
  • Also a desired Inventory level can be put for each item that help in the re-ordering of this item with your supplier when generating PO.
  • A special function to initiate a PO for items and put the desired stock level based on what is available in stock
  • Ability to display both inventory available for sale and inventory on hand.
  • Special display mode on the front end can display stock level for items, even on specialized layouts like apparel.
  • Special Build-A-Kit feature that allows you to build or make a product that is composed of different pieces. When this item is purchased the individual items making that kit, their inventory is deducted appropriately

  • Prevent over-selling during order spikes
  • Keep accurate track of inventory levels
  • Keep track of What user in the system updated a specific item. this is a must for accountability. All inventory changes are date and time stamped by the user
  • Connect inventory with your accounting/ERP system
  • See inventory history for a specific item
  • Initiate a PO for low inventory items
  • When PO is received, update inventory level in the system
  • Advanced Inventory Report
  • Inventory Adjustment function

WebJaguar allows you to accurately manage your inventory during spike in sales and prevent over-selling which causes a headache.