ASI (Advertising Specialties) Data Feed Integration

ASI and AdvancedEMedia partner to bring a fully automated online store solution that provides an ASI feed to ASI distributors. You decide what supplier's products you want to sell and feature on your web-store and their products automatically get displayed on your site. Features include full product descriptions, images, options, and more. Depending on the number of suppliers you sign-up for, your store could have 100,000s of thousands of products from our ASI feed, all managed seamlessly with WebJaguar.

Main ASI Feed Features:

  • Features Built for Distributors
  • ASI SmartLink Data Feed Integration
  • Products are automatically added or removed depending on availability from suppliers
  • You can edit the order yourself very easily and forward to your distributor via PO
  • You can up sell pricing per supplier, per customer, per product or globally.
  • You can easily add and manage your own products
  • You can easily and quickly generate a company store for a specific customer
  • Increase brand awareness and sales with WebJaguar's marketing features
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Upload customer logo
  • SEO and Social media integration
  • Special Apparel Layout


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The Features YOU need in One System!

  • Advanced SEO Tools
  • Custom Layout and Design
  • Enable the right suppliers and products for your store
  • Ability to rank products and suppliers when searching
  • Apply price Markup/Margin Globally, by supplier and even by Customer
  • Create discounts and sales tags by products
  • Split and order into different PO's to send to different suppliers.
  • Fully Featured CRM. Form Builder. Auto Responders and Lead Nurturing tools
  • Mass Email marketing tools with template builder
  • Cloud Based, Modern, and Secure infrastructure
  • Request A Quote, and convert quotes into orders
  • Now fully integrated with ASI SmartLink Feed
  • Ability to freeze ASI feed, pricing for a specific Product or even add your own description
  • Sales Presentation Module, instantly create and email product presentations to prospects

  • Ability to create basic and advanced Company Stores
  • Reporting on Sales Reps, Inventory, Orders, Customers, Products and more
  • Budget and Approval Process, MDF order
  • Full Back Office functionality including, Order Manager, online orders as well as phone, fax and email orders
  • Sub-Accounts Manager to help in customer acquisition
  • Advanced Search Filtering and predictive search
  • Sales Rep Module (for inside and field reps)
  • Advanced Product Configurator
  • Contact Management System
  • PunchOut Catalog Integration provides the capability to communicate with procurement ERP applications (SAP, Peoplesoft, Ariba?) using industry standard language CXML
  • Dynamic Imaging Capabilities, Logos Library and Many more!

Customer Testimonials

"The use of tecnology, namely the WebJaguar Platform, is a way to distiguish Brandit and provide a true solution to all our clients' needs. AdvancedEMedia 'gets it' when it comes to the ASI distributor's needs"

Lisa Schraw - Brandit

"I am very happy to report that the changes they have made thus far have made a huge improvement to the ease of creating orders especially from the back end system and we are confident the other distributors will appreciate all the efforts they have put forth on our behalf"

Judy Goo - D & J Specialties

"The product that AdvancedEMedia has provided is acconfiguration management tool. We have the ability to go incand select products or change pricing. You spend your timecon content rather than site development"

Kyle Stuckic- The HB Group