Form Builder and Lead Nurturing Features

Capture & Nurture Leads with WebJaguar's Form-Builder

Forms help you capture and convert leads on your web-store or website. With the built-in lead nurturing capabilities, you can nurture these leads and create and schedule email marketing campaign.

Strategically constructed and well-placed forms can drastically increase sales. All form information is automatically transferred to WebJaguar's CRM, where you can simply segment and launch mass email campaigns with promotional offerings.

You don't need a background in programming or web design to quickly create forms.

WebJaguar gives you the tools you need to capture, track, segment, and target your customer groups with coupons and promotions

form builder


  • Easily add forms to content pages. And automatically associate tracking code as well as save those leads in targeted group
  • Instantly populate your CRM with correct lead source and crm group
  • Attractive form interface. No limit on how you can style your forms
  • Forms are easy to construct and customizable
  • Auto-responders tied to forms. This is a great feature part of the form builder. For example you can advertise that you give your customer instant coupon code upon submitting the form. So it is midnight and your customer automatically receives an auto-responder email with the coupon code that they can use. With the double opt-in feature, this helps you minimize spam
  • Forms can have attachment
  • Form can have unlimited custom fields. Each field can have different property such as radio button, check box, text field, text area, attachment, drop down, and with ability to make fields required or not by the user, and even each field can be mapped to a specific area on the CRM
  • Plant these forms anywhere on your website, on any landing page to track your ROI, and even on any page outside your site. All leads are saved to your CRM.
form builder

Create your custom form fields

form builder

Fill the form details

form builder

Fill the fields details

form builder

Fill the fields options

form builder

Enter the submit button name and any additional text data to the form

form builder

Instantly generate the code and save the form