Budget Module

The Webjaguar Budget Module is a powerful new feature available only on the Webjaguar eCommerce and Business Solution platform designed to help companies manage their marketing budgets, while ensuring brand compliance guidelines are adhered to on all marketing materials and promotional products purchased.

Benefits - The Supplier

  • Differentiate yourself from others with a powerful, online order approval and budget management tool that streamlines your clients' marketing managing activities.
  • Establish yourself as an integral part of corporate approved purchasing processes and secure a long-term relationship with new and existing accounts.
  • Position yourself to expand your market share by providing access to brand-compliant, corporate-approved products.
  • Offer a solution that benefits the field-level purchaser and the manager-level approver and increase the opportunity to diversify your revenue stream from both the retail and corporate sides of any organization.


Benefits - The Client

  • Limit all purchases to pre-approved, brand compliant products.
  • Streamline order approvals through an online electronic system.
  • Allows for unlimited tiers of manager approvals.
  • Approving managers have the ability to approve or deny orders, as well as attach notes to orders visible by both the admin order processer and the account holder.
  • Automatic email notifications of all approval and order status updates.
  • This feature is controlled on an account level, providing flexible user configurations company-wide within one eStore portal.
  • All Budget Module orders can be monitored and accessed directly from one user-friendly screen in the My Account area.
  • Maintains real-time balances of available Pre-Loaded Budgets.
  • Approving Managers can transfer Pre-Loaded Budget credits directly into their sub-account balances through the My Account area.
  • Approving Managers can log in as their sub-accounts through the My Account area and place orders on their behalf.
  • Feature provides the admin the ability to save and email orders as pdf that include all associated date and time stamped manager approvals and attached manager's notes, if any.

The Budget Module do require the Main Account / Sub-Account module. As a main account you can see a list of all of your customers and see their order level, dollar value and even login and place order on behalf of your customers and see their order status and so on. You can even see all their sub-account. You can have unlimited sub-accounts hierarchy.


In this case we did click on one of the sub-accounts to see a list of all their orders