TopTenWholesale's supplier and retailer clients will now have access to WebJaguar website design and ecommerce shopping cart solutions for achieving improved business operations online

LOS ANGELES, CA - April 30, 2010. TopTenWholesale CEO Jason Prescott is pleased to announce a partnership with ecommerce website and marketing solutions provider Advnced EMedia and its WebJaguar ecommerce platform. The ecommerce solutions available to wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers include front end and back office solutions for growing revenues, reducing costs, and improving customer support. WebJaguar provides small business owners with enterprise-class functionality at affordable prices. Its complete catalog, retail and wholesale ecommerce solutions include website design and shopping cart software for sites of all sizes.

"Offering these services to our clients is complementary to what we do," said Prescott, "as we are dedicated to helping our customers expand their online presence." The WebJaguar ecommerce platform contains over one hundred features and add-on modules to maximize sales and reduce costs. Targeted to retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers and corporate clients, the platform provides easy-to-use site building and maintenance capabilities.

"We have worked successfully with Bachir Kassir and WebJaguar for many years, so expanding these services to our customers seems like a natural as WebJaguar has made a brand for itself in the general merchandise industry," said Prescott. "They have consistently improved and expanded their product line, and we are proud to support this excellent suite of ecommerce services," he added.

"Web Jaguar with its powerful marketing & ecommerce tools has been and will continue to prove to be an integral & vital part in the continuing growth of our company." Said Alain Stanbouli founder of ViaTrading company, ViaTrading is also a customer of TopTenWholesale.

"We are excited to work with Jason and his team to offer our customers targeted SEM services." said Bachir Kassir, CEO of AdvancedEMedia "And to be able to offer JPC customers access to advanced website and ecommerce solutions. Our complimentary offerings will help benefits both of our customers base" he added.

As part of the partnership, TopTenWholesale will be advocating the WebJaguar suite, and WebJaguar has designated JP Communications INC as the exclusive provider of SEM services for all its customers. AdvancedEMedia will also make available all JPC offerings available to its clients. with new websites. In addition to TopTenWholesale, the JPC INC network includes, WholesaleU and OffPriceNetwork.

About JP Communications, INC (R)

Parent company and network publisher of various vertical search engines and directories JP Communications INC includes,,,,  and Top Ten Wholesale Keyword Trends. JPC's mission is to be the information superhighway for the general merchandise industry, connecting buyers and sellers of wholesale products in dozens of product categories across the entire supply chain, from manufacturers, outsourcers, importers and wholesalers to wholesale liquidation specialists, distributors, resellers, store owners, dropshippers and online retailers of every size.

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About AdvancedEMedia

AdvancedEMedia, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, is the developer of the WebJaguar platform, which is a hosted online application that provides small and mid-sized businesses (SMB market): fully featured website, shopping cart, ecommerce, CRM, sales, marketing and lead generation tools with content management capabilities. WebJaguar  is offered using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing business model. WebJaguar includes hundreds of features and benefits, and over 30 power modules for retailers and wholesalers (the B2C and B2B SMB market). Its technology enables businesses to automate and easily manage many of their business processes, increasing sales and reducing costs. It is also SEO friendly.  For more information, visit or call (888) 718-5051.