E-Business Suite Becomes Even More Powerful

We have been busy adding new features to WebJaguar this summer while everyone else was on vacation. Some of our new features include:

Sales Tag and Category manager

We have made it easy to manage sales tags among multiple products. Check out "Sales Tags" on our FAQs where you will find some ideas on how to use this great tool.

Quote Approval

Do you offer products or services with multiple options that require human review to quote? This feature allows the client to make their selection and before anything is invoiced or shipped a quote is sent to the client for approval.

Upload files for orders

This feature was developed for the silk screening industry. It allows clients to upload a file (usually a logo) at the time of ordering.

Posting Module

The Posting Module allows you to set up a web site where clients can post their own ads.

New Product Options

We have added 2 new features to Options:

  1. You can now re-order the display positions for multiple options.
  2. You can also duplicate a set of options and edit those options as needed.

Advanced Contact Email Manager

The Advanced Contact Email Manager is now integrated with WebJaguar:  As you capture new customer information from your web site it is automatically added to your customer database in Advanced Contact Email Manager.