Latitude19 Technology announces a strategic relationship with global hosted shopping cart provider, Advanced E Media.

Latitude19 Technology announces that its internet payment gateway has been integrated and certified with Advanced E Media's hosted shopping cart- Webjaguar.

The Latitude19 Technology Payment Gateway offers a turnkey, integrated shopping cart solution(B2B+B2C) that helps address the merchants requirement of security, flexibility, and cost control.


Hosted in a secure, PCI compliant datacenter will help reduce the vulnerability of hackers searching for credit cards numbers. Servers use secure socket layer(SSL) technology which means the merchant will not have to be concerned with maintaining this level of security for PCI compliant purposes.


There are many customization features available with the shopping cart that will address you online service growth. Since the merchant will not need to be concerned with maintaining servers, software updates, and monitoring sites for security releases, they will have more time to focus on their core business.

Cost Control

A fixed monthly fee allows for an improved level of predictability for budgeting purposes. The merchant will not have costs associated with hardware and software to maintain an-house shopping cart.

The WebJaguar shopping cart is a powerful e-Commerce, sales, marketing and CRM platform. It is very easy to use and manage, offers enterprise level functionality at an affordable price, and reduces costs by automating many business tasks. Key capabilities include: 1) Specialized Solutions for Wholesalers & Retailers 2) Easy to Use, Scalable & Customizable 3) Realtime Shipping Integration and 4) Over 100 Configurable Features to help automate & grow your business.

To learn more about Latitude19 Technology's expertise in international internet payment gateway processing and the Webjaguar shopping cart go to:


About Latitude19 Technology:Latitude19 Technology is a Cayman Island internet payment gateway solution provider. The merchant will benefit from the "open" payment gateway design in areas of faster credit card transaction processing speed, cardholder security, and investment protection.


About Advanced E Media: Advanced E Media, Inc. ( is a leading ECommerce Web site platform provider for small and medium sized businesses. Advanced E Media provides a complete range of Web site set-up, custom programming, support and online marketing services around the WebJaguar ECommerce Service, its core database-driven Web site technology platform.