Case Study: Acme Archives

Acme Archives Needed Multiple Sites Managed from One Domain; WebJaguar Delivered.


  • Needed a site to handle both retail and wholesale transactions
  • Wanted to manage multiple retail sites with different domains


  • Contacted WebJaguar


  • A website capable of promoting an extensive product inventory
  • Customizable functions improve efficiency

"A lot of people in our office are much happier now." --Bonnie Eck

California's Acme Archives Direct is the official licensee for Fox, Lucasfilm, Disney and Halo artwork, including original production art and limited editions. These collectible pieces are sold through several websites, including, and

The company relies on the ability to efficiently manage multiple online stores with different domains, covering both retail and wholesale purchases, through one website. But when the designer of their original platform was no longer available, it caused a serious problem. "We were unable to make any changes," said Archive Manager Bonnie Eck.

"Managing a multi-store capability with one admin was an important need for them. WebJaguar had the right features to allow them to do what they wanted," said Bachir Kassir, president of Advanced EMedia.

"We looked at other companies, but the people at AdvancedEMedia said they could help us customize our site to handle all of our stores with one back-end. It was a difficult thing to do but they were able to put it together," Eck said.

The transition from the previous platform to the WebJaguar platform was "pretty easy," according to Eck, and with the additional capabilities provided by the new system, "we can do a lot of things now that we couldn't before."

"Changing products on a site, changing product pages, uploading with an Excel file if we're doing multiple tasks, adding different options, controlling our shipping, it's all much easier now," Eck reports. "A lot of people in the office are much happier now."