Case Study: JAB Solutions

Fourth Time is the Charm for JAB Solutions, Inc.

After Three Poor Experiences with Ecommerce Platform Vendors, Printer Service Company Achieves Optimum Performance with WebJaguar


  • Needed a reliable website platform
  • Wanted a convenient, easy-to-use system that provides customers with a reason to use their services


  • Contacted AdvancedEMedia


  • Custom Account Manager Module improves customer acquisition
  • Specialized WebJaguar features automate company processes
  • Quick reorder capability encourages customer loyalty

"I've been very happy with the service and support we've received from AdvancedEMedia." --Dave Badhwa

Founded in 1989, JAB Solutions, Inc. is a Minnesota-based corporation in the ink and toner and printer service industry. Its success has been a result of research and development of new products, a committed staff and key growth accounts, as well as embracing the revolutionizing world of technology.

The company targets businesses of all sizes, from financial institutions and schools to government offices and small businesses of every type. The common denominator in these widely varying accounts is a need for ink and toner and the realization that automating these purchases can save time and money. And if that automation extends to printer servicing as well, so much the better.

However, the search for a platform that could provide these services proved frustrating. Three different vendors were tried and none were able to deliver the features the company required. That's when company CEO Dave Badhwa contacted AdvancedEMedia and selected WebJaguar.

"Functionality was the big issue as well the ability to customize the platform to fit our industry," Badhwa said. "Before we started using AdvancedEMedia I had five people in my office taking orders, providing customer service and evaluating calls. We have dropped that down to two people now because WebJaguar automates so many processes and provides customers with online visuals of everything we do. That has cut down on 85% of the phone calls to our office."

"The automated features Advanced EMedia developed for JAB Solutions has helped them with customer retention, as well as customer acquisition," said Bachir Kassir, president of AdvancedEMedia.

"One of the features we created is the Account Manager Module, which allows a business manager or owner to view the purchase level of all ink and toner across his organization. Each department within the business can also log in and see a form listing the ink and toner that they usually buy for easy re-order," Kassir said. "This way the customer does not have to scramble to search among thousands of products for what they need."

The ink and toner business is a highly competitive one and any edge a company can gain is invaluable. By providing web-based solutions through WebJaguar, Badhwa believes he can now offer something his competition cannot. "We can now tell our customers, if you join our team, we can provide a full visual of everything that we can do for you at no cost," he said.

For instance, if the company receives a service request on a printer, an email is sent acknowledging that request, and it is automatically placed in the dispatch mode. When a technician arrives on site, he texts or emails that information and the status changes to "onsite." During the service process all progress information is available in real-time. "This module is an important part of JAB's business model for customer acquisition," Kassir said.

WebJaguar also provides all the information necessary for the creation of proposals. "With each of our printers we can tell exactly how much the customer has spent on it, what is the cost per page and how much was spent on toner," Badhwa explains. "When we put a proposal together for a new company we can look at their machines and know exactly what it will cost us to maintain them. That allows us to bid on the contract so we will make a profit."

For all these reasons, "I've been very happy with the service and support we've received from AdvancedEMedia," Badhwa said.