Case Study: Lockmasters USA

What is the Key to Success at Lockmasters USA? The WebJaguar Solution!


  • Needed to replace an insufficient platform
  • Wanted to automate several business processes
  • Needed a time-saving solution for customer inquiries and orders


  • Contacted WebJaguar


  • A website capable of promoting an extensive product inventory
  • Search functions, other automated features improve customer service
  • All the functionality required at an affordable price

"It has made a huge difference in our business." --Tiffany Sapp

Based in Panama City, Florida, LockMasters USA, Inc. (and it's subsidiary KeyMasters USA) has been supplying quality aftermarket equipment keys, padlocks and related accessories since 1993. It's a small business with big customers, including some of the world's largest equipment sale, rental and service companies, as well as government agencies from Alaska to the Panama Canal and overseas.

However, despite its success, the company was not getting the most from its website. "It was the saddest little website you have ever seen," said owner Tiffany Sapp. "It was put together by a family member using some platform he found in Australia, and it only had about 10% of our products on it. We decided we had to start from scratch and create a new site that would meet our needs."

After gathering information from several different companies, Sapp began looking at other sites that had an appealing layout, and that provided the capacity and functionality she wanted for Lockmasters USA. "That's how we found WebJaguar and Advanced EMedia," she explains. "It turns out they were the company that could do everything we asked, but at the best price."

"Tiffany was looking for a solution to take their site to the next level, and one that would save her time, and not add more work to her busy schedule. That is exactly what she found in WebJaguar," said Bachir Kassir, president of Advanced EMedia.

With WebJaguar, Lockmasters USA now had a platform that was not only affordable, but also one that would automate many of the company's business processes, and was capable of growing with the company.

Prior to WebJaguar, a customer's phone request for information would have to be answered by searching through three separate books listing products and pricing. Now, Sapp's salespeople can access all the product information they need quickly through the website.

"I don't think we would have survived the recession without this website," Sapp said. "It's where the vast majority of our new business comes from now. We were doing a lot of print advertising, and getting back awful returns. The ads weren't even paying for themselves.

"Switching our emphasis to Internet marketing and having this site through WebJaguar where we can change things so easily, add products so easily, have a search function that is so esay to use, it has all made a huge difference in our business."