Case Study:

WebJaguar Takes First Prize at


  • Needed to update their platform
  • Wanted customizable features for product ordering
  • Needed to make the product shipping process more efficient


  • Contacted AdvancedEMedia


  • Automated business processes simplify order fulfillment
  • Improved ease of use for customers

For more than 20 years, Buena Park Plaque and Trophy has served the southern California community with an unparalleled selection of trophies, plaques and awards.

Through it's website, the company has been able to offer its outstanding product selection to the rest of the country as well. However, launched with a platform that made it difficult to manage and maintain the site.

"The previous software that was running our ecommerce website was old technology," said company president Brian Wurgler. "We needed to upgrade our site's infrastructure."

After meeting with three different vendors, discussing the company's technology needs and goals for the future and obtaining quotes, Wurgler selected the WebJaguar platform from AdvancedEMedia.

"Our website required a lot of customization and they seemed more willing and capable of creating the kind of site that our business needed," Wurgler explained.

" is very busy every day and they require a lot of changes to their site on a regular basis," said Bachir Kassir, president of Advanced EMedia. "The most important criteria was to create a site that is easy for them to use, manage and maintain, and will help take their company to the next level."

With WebJaguar, was able to easily configure the trophy order fulfillment process, which can be complicated since each item must be customized and requires different input from users. Additional customization and configuration was created to facilitate order management in the company's warehouse and accommodate delivery dates and times. This customization included a 'Pick List' feature which allowed to streamline order processing at their warehouse. "It was very important for to automate that part of their business process and minimize any mistakes," Kassir said.

"They also integrated UPS, which prior to WebJaguar we didn't have within the site for automated shipping and email responses," Brian Wurgler said. "Now, when we ship an order to a customer, our platform accesses the UPS database and automatically creates a label for shipping. When UPS closes out the order, it repopulates the tracking number and automatically sends an email to the customer through our website."

Three years after WebJaguar was implemented, Wurgler remains very happy with its performance and ability to adapt to the company's needs. "Navigation, set-up and maintenance are all easier now," he said. "Everything across the board is much better."