Case Study: Symak

WebJaguar's Ecommerce Solutions Deliver for Symak Sales


  • Needed a customizable platform
  • Wanted to set up separate product and pricing access for US and Canadian customers
  • Needed a bilingual site that switched easily from English to French


  • Contacted WebJaguar


  • Platform customized as needed
  • Flexibility allows for addition of new features
  • Large customer orders handled quickly
  • Measurable increase in website business

"WebJaguar was instrumental in increasing our website business and they keep working with us to improve our website by developing their platform constantly." -- Omer Horic

Symak Sales Co. Inc. is a leading importer and distributor of general merchandise throughout the United States and Canada. Symak products can be found in a wide range of retailers and wholesalers, including discount stores, variety stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, distributors, department stores, and dollar stores.

The company's combination of quality, low prices and attentive customer service has enabled Symak to thrive for more than 65 years. But when a platform change became necessary to maintain the service its clients have come to expect, the company contacted Advanced EMedia.

"We were unhappy with our service provider, who was using a common platform that could not be customized to our needs," said Omer Horic, Symak's National Sales Manager. "After shopping extensively, our IT department thought WebJaguar was the best platform for us, and it also made financial sense."

"They needed a fully featured ecommerce solution with the ability to set up different pricing for different customers," said Advanced EMedia President Bachir Kassir. "They also needed to sell to Canadian customers and US customers with not just different pricing, but also the ability for those customers to access different or common products. WebJaguar was able to do this for them out of the box."

"Contrary to most platforms intended for selling to consumers or for selling just a few items at a time, the WebJaguar platform is more suitable for B2B dealings," Horic discovered. "The most important feature for us is the ability to add multiple items to the shopping cart with a single click, as opposed to one item at a time on our old website and on most other platforms available at that time."

For a website that offers thousands of products, where customers routinely purchase hundreds of them per order, that one change has paid significant dividends. "You can imagine why most customers were staying away from our old website. Imagine ordering 350 items and updating the shopping cart 350 times!" Horic said. "WebJaguar has been a huge time saver."

The platform also addressed another Symak necessity ? the ability for customers to switch on the fly between English and French versions of the website.

"The WebJaguar platform is easy to use at both ends; easy for us to operate the back end and easy for customers to use it at the front end. We can literally say that it makes ends meet," Horic said. "WebJaguar was instrumental in increasing our website business and they keep working with us to improve our website by developing their platform constantly."