Case Study: Via Trading

Via Trading Needed a Flexible, Powerful Platform; WebJaguar Delivered.


  • Needed a customizable platform
  • Wanted to automate several business processes
  • Needed to be able to add and remove products quickly


  • Contacted AdvancedEMedia


  • A platform that grows with their business
  • Flexibility allows for rapid changes and addition of new features

Via Trading was founded in June 2002 by brothers Jacques and Alain Stambouli. There were just four employees back then; the company has steadily grown its sales, administrative and warehouse teams to provide the best standard of service in the liquidation industry. Today, Via Trading has 50 employees, all dedicated to upholding the core values of honesty, professional integrity, timeliness and efficiency.

The company's executive team believes that taking advantage of technology is essential to growing a successful business. They searched for a platform that would allow them to not just accommodate their business model, but also one that would be flexible enough to permit customization.

Unfortunately, the first three Web vendors they contacted failed to deliver a platform capable of achieving the performance Via Trading required. Then, they called AdvancedEMedia.

"They needed a platform that is not only customizable, but also constantly evolving with new features on a regular basis," said Bachir Kassir, president of AdvancedEMedia. "With WebJaguar the platform is customizable, flexible, and easy to use and manage."

Where previous vendors were each vulnerable to various limitations that prohibited the type of customizing that Via Trader required, the WebJaguar platform met all of the company's needs.

"WebJaguar was very scalable from day one," said Via Trader co-founder Alain Stambouli. "It's a very flexible company to deal with ? they don't have the word 'no' in their vocabulary. Whether we needed developing, improving or customizing on our website, everything is possible with them."

As a result, the company has been able to automate many of its business processes, including the ability to add and remove products quickly as needed. "We have grown substantially with the platform," Stambouli stated. "We were a $10 million company when we started with AdvancedEMedia and WebJaguar. This year, we'll finish closer to $27 million. WebJaguar has been able to support that growth, so we haven't had to go elsewhere. And we know we can stay with them if we double in size again, which is our objective."

That expandability, which includes the different WebJaguar "ordering" stations now used by Via Trader customers to place orders, is accompanied by a personalized attention to customer service.

"We could have gone with a bigger company, but there we would have been just another number on their Excel spreadsheet," Stambouli believes. "With AdvancedEMedia it's a much closer partnership. My communication is with the owner of the company. I work hand-in-hand with the senior programmers. I feel they have a more vested interest in my success and my company."