Case Study: WebREPS

WebJaguar Helps WebREPS HVAC Complete Projects On Time


  • Needed a platform appropriate for company size and budget
  • Wanted to have reliable scheduling and completion information for IT projects
  • Needed to create a data feed to dozens of shared sites


  • Contacted AdvancedEMedia


  • Efficient project scheduling
  • Creative solutions to IT issues
  • Improved automated business functions

Established in 2007,WebREPS has grown into Internet-based HVAC-R Wholesale Supply, offering a full line of HVAC-R quality products, product information, documentation and affordable pricing. The site has achieved success as a special source for hard-to-find items unavailable at most neighborhood supply wholesalers.

The company's new site, exclusively for contractors, provides 24/7 information, literature, installation manuals and technical guides in an easy to use format. However, according to company president Denny Walker, "easy-to-use" wasn't always an appropriate term for his experiences with IT issues.

"I came from an establishment where there was an IT mystique ? you took a project to IT and you didn't know if they would tell you it would take one day, one week or one month. Something that seemed like it should take a couple of hours took a couple of weeks. That made it difficult to plan any projects," Walker said. "When I began with this company I wanted to know before I started a new project if I could get an accurate timeframe."

To achieve this goal, he investigated several platforms. "Our criteria was getting what we knew we needed for the size of the company and the cost," Walker said. "I did some experimenting, and then found AdvancedEMedia and WebJaguar. I signed a contract while I was still on their premises, and went through training so I was familiar and comfortable with the product."

"Denny's contractors change their pricing on a regular basis, so he needs to change the prices on his site as well. He told us that on his previous site, when he wanted to perform any other kind of update, it would take his Webmaster a long time to complete the task. On WebJaguar he is able to do it in minutes, not days," said Bachir Kassir, president of WebJaguar.

With WebJaguar, the process of embedding formulas and importing and exporting price lists to Excel is easily handled, thus greatly reducing the time necessary to update and maintain a price list. The platform also allowed Walker to offer different types of customers, such as contractors, different pricing depending on their status.

"Denny also wanted the ability to make his site a master site, and generate a data feed to others who wanted to have access to his database," Kassir explained. "With the master site feature in WebJaguar that was an easy task to do. If Denny has 50 shared sites from his master site and added 100 new products, instantly all of these customers will have access to those products and content."

"It has met and exceeded all my expectations," said Walker of WebJaguar. "The skill level, willingness to help and communication with AdvancedEMedia were excellent. There were some times when it seemed I couldn't get to where I thought my needs would be, but they always came up with an alternative solution that got me there. It has worked out very well."