Markit Motion Is Set for Online Success with WebJaguar

This distributor has unique needs that only a customizable solution can address. AdvancedEMedia has the answer.

Rick Garrett started Markit Motion five years ago, planning to build a promotional products company that not only relies on one-to-one sales efforts but also has a strong online presence and effective eCommerce solution. “My focus was to create a company that provided more than promotional products and also offer graphic design, commercial printing and direct mail services,” Garrett says. It was an ambitious goal that required a customized software solution. “The industry standard eCommerce template didn't address these other services, and it was the same solution that all of the other distributors chose,” he explains.

Garrett began looking for an eCommerce solution that could fully integrate with e-mail, purchase orders, payments, CRM and allow for custom supplier data feeds. His search stopped when he discovered a solution by AdvancedEMedia. AdvancedEMedia, the developer of the WebJaguar eCommerce platform, provides small- to mid-sized promotional products companies an ability to easily automate and manage business with a fully featured website, e-catalog/content management, shopping cart, CRM and lead generation technologies. “We've provided a front-end and back-end solution to sell products online,” says Bachir Kassir, president and founder of AdvancedEMedia. “We worked closely with ASI to develop data feed based on the ASI database. This gives distributors access to hundreds of thousands of products as a complete turnkey e-commerce solution.”

Garrett was hooked. “WebJaguar has the experience in working with the ASI data feed allowing me to choose the suppliers I want to highlight on my site,” he says. Markit Motion has been using the AdvancedEMedia eCommerce solution for 18 months, allowing Garrett to streamline time-consuming administrative tasks. He explains, “The WebJaguar eCommerce solution has allowed me to set up auto-responding emails that alert the customer with order acknowledgements and allows the customer to request more information about specific products.”

Another benefit is the exposure to a world of potential customers. The integrated SEO function of WebJaguar's eCommerce solution has assisted Markit Motion in achieving high ranking in online product searches, resulting in many orders from

“ WebJaguar has the experience in working with the ASI data feed, allowing me to choose the suppliers I want to highlight on my site. ”

Rick Garrett, Market Motion Inc.

new customers. Those customers, Garrett points out, are accounts that would not have been realized without WebJaguar. In fact, he says, “In 2013, www. brought in more than $100,000 in sales from companies across the country that otherwise would not have known about us. We've secured accounts like McGraw Hill & Microsoft through our website and it has allowed us to continue our relationship with other orders.”

The transition to the new eCommerce solution was smooth, and when support was needed help was immediate. “AdvancedEMedia is always there for us when we need them,” Garrett says. “A quick phone call usually results in a quick fix to whatever issues we are having. In most cases, the issue is a result of operator error on our part. They have been there for us in creating custom programming to create a custom solution for what we are trying to achieve.”

In the months ahead, Garrett expects to achieve even more with the eCommerce software. “WebJaguar has many more solutions integrated into the system that I have not utilized yet like purchase order creation, accounting software integration and abandoned shopping cart reporting,” he says. “Markit Motion does not have a full-time IT person on staff, so we've chosen to walk before we run, but we look forward to using these functions in the future to streamline our business even more.”

All that's needed for other distributors to get started on their own eCommerce solution is a Web browser. No special hardware is required nor does any software have to be installed. WebJaguar is a cloud based turnkey solution. For more information, visit or call (888) 718-5051 for a free consultation and demo.