Wildman Corporate Apparel Wins Online With WebJaguar

Creating and maintaining clients' Web stores requires an eCommerce platform that is streamlined and simple. Here's how one distributor has successfully harnessed the Web for its clients.

For seven years, Wildman Corporate Apparel has been grappling with eCommerce. Not only does the successful distributor have its own website, it also creates and maintains sites for its clients. “We build custom Web stores for many of our customers to facilitate the ordering process,” says Casey Pepper, vice president of Wildman Corporate Apparel. “We feel we're an extension of their brand, and if we can help enhance that for them in any way, then it's a win-win.”

Creating that win-win, however, requires an agile eCommerce solution. After trying several platforms, Wildman contacted the experts at AdvancedEMedia for an out-of-the-box option that also allows for easy customization when necessary. AdvancedEMedia, the developer of the WebJaguar eCommerce platform, provides small to mid-size promotional products companies the ability to easily automate and manage business with a fully featured website, e-catalog/content management, shopping cart, CRM and lead generation technologies. “We've provided a front-end and back-end solution to sell products online,” says Bachir Kassir, president and founder of AdvancedEMedia. “We worked closely with ASI to develop data feed based on the ASI database. This gives distributors access to hundreds of thousands of products as a complete turnkey eCommerce solution.”

Six months into Wildman's relationship with AdvancedEMedia, and Pepper is happy with the solution. “We feel WebJaguar was able to offer a platform with a solid base that we could use without having to totally customize everything,” he says. “We've never had the level of service support from a Web store company like we've had with WebJaguar. They are very responsive to our service needs. They assigned an inside representative to our account and we've been working hand-in-hand to develop our program. Their owner has also actually sat in on many of our calls.”

From an administrative standpoint, Pepper expects continued benefits, such as streamlined order management. “Only time will tell, but we've tracked our order entry time over the last month without the WebJaguar platform, and we're looking forward to seeing the reduction in order entry time after we officially launch the WebJaguar sites.”

That reduction will translate into more sales. Pepper explains: “About 50% of our orders currently come in through one of our Web stores. We hope to get this percentage up much higher, as WebJaguar really cuts down on order entry time and allows our internal support team to spend more time telling our customers about what specials we're currently offering.”

Pepper is eager to complete the transition. “We're currently operating our websites on four different platforms,” he says. “I believe WebJaguar has given us the ability to streamline these platforms into one Web platform that will give our customers the best bells and whistles in the business.”

All that's needed for other distributors to get started on their own eCommerce solution is a Web browser. No special hardware is required nor does any software have to be installed. WebJaguar is a cloud-based, turnkey solution. For more information, visit www. webjaguar.com/asi or call (888) 718-5051 for a free consultation and demo.

“ We've never had the level of service support from a Web store company like we've had with WebJaguar. ”

Casey Pepper, Wildman Corporate Apparel