WebJaguar Powers Up Wearelogos.com

From service to scalability, AdvancedEMedia's e-commerce solution fits the criteria for a successful website experience.

Creating an effective online experience for customers is key to a successful promotional product website. It must look appealing and be simple to navigate. Much goes into that experience behind the scenes.

When Bob Debbas, owner of Wearelogos.com, began his search for an e-commerce platform, he kept five important factors in mind to create a positive online presence. The first two factors were privacy and security. “I want my customers' data to be private and their transactions secure,” Debbas explains. “They must feel safe on the website.”

A third requirement was ease of use. “We know that in e-commerce, within five seconds a consumer leaves the website if it isn't user friendly, and they will not come back,” Debbas says. “It's worse than at retail, where customers walk by your store on another day. Online you just have a URL and customers might not even know it.” Therefore, the design of your website, including its colors and navigational tools, must be right on the mark.

Fourth, Debbas sought an e-commerce solution that simplified both front-office and back-office functions. The system's software had to be flexible, manageable and able to grow with his business. He sought a “buffet-style” system that allowed Wearelogos.com to upgrade as needed. “You want scalability in the software and for the developer to keep up with the latest technology,” he explains.

Finally, the fifth factor was perhaps most important in Debbas' selection. The e-commerce platform he chose had to have an ethical and reachable CEO and staff. If you cannot reach the provider for assistance when needed, then even the best software is not an ideal solution for your business.

AdvancedEMedia, the developer of the WebJaguar e-commerce platform, checked all the boxes for Debbas. It provides small to mid-sized promotional products companies with the ability to easily automate and manage business with a fully featured website, e-catalog/content management, shopping cart, CRM and lead generation technologies. “We've provided a front-end and back-end solution to sell products online,” says Bachir Kassir, president and founder of AdvancedEMedia. “We worked closely with ASI to develop data feed based on the ASI

“ We know that in e-commerce, within five seconds a consumer leaves the website if it isn't user friendly, and they will not come back. ”

Bob Debbas, Wearelogos.com

database. This gives distributors access to hundreds of thousands of products as a complete turnkey e-commerce solution.”

After considering many other vendors, Debbas chose AdvancedEMedia as his e-commerce partner because of the people behind the product. “First and foremost, I found Bachir Kassir to be highly ethical and very helpful. He and his staff are customer oriented and that was a very important reason why I chose them,” Debbas says.

It took just two short weeks to put the e-commerce solution in place, which has been active for the last four years. Setting up and learning the system was simple. Debbas describes the transition as “exceptionally smooth without complications.” He was so pleased that he has returned to AdvancedEMedia for other e-commerce projects. “I am really happy with the software because it streamlined our business,” he says.

With WebJaguar, Wearelogos.com enjoys the same sensitivity to pricing and supplier information that distributors receive from any ASI-related vendor. The WebJaguar e-commerce solution allows distributors to retain control over margins (even on a customerby-customer basis) and to protect wholesale pricing. Furthermore, WebJaguar makes it easier for search engines to index a site effectively, which improves online visibility and draws more buyers to the company. “We do a lot of search engine optimization, driving traffic to our website,” Debbas says. “We have more and more visitors.” Once at the site, the powerful search functions of WebJaguar, which is integrated with ASI Smart Link Search, make it simple for buyers to find products that fit their search criteria.

All that's needed for other distributors to get started on their own e-commerce solution is a Web browser. No special hardware is required, nor does any software have to be installed. WebJaguar is a cloud-based turnkey solution. For more information, visit www. webjaguar.com/asi or call (888) 718-5051 for a free consultation and demo.