WebJaguar Simplifies Online Orders For NetTrophy.com

When customization is key to the success of your website, turn to the pros at AdvancedEmedia. Their expertise set NetTrophy.com on the path to greater online sales.

When Buena Park Plaque and Trophy needed to update its website, www.nettrophy.com, company President Brian Wurgler looked for an e-commerce solution with customizable features for product ordering and tools to make shipping more efficient. After all, selling trophies and plaques isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each award must be customized to perfectly fit the occasion, frequently requiring personalization.

Wurgler found his solution in Advan-cedEmedia. The developer of the WebJaguar e-commerce platform provides small to mid-size companies the ability to easily automate and manage many business technologies and functions with a fully featured website, e-catalog/content management, shopping cart, CRM and lead generation technologies. “With WebJaguar, we're able to accommodate our customers' needs, allowing them to select from multiple options of color, size and personalization to customize every trophy or award,” Wurgler says.

Wurgler also appreciates how simple the site is for his customers to use, particularly when it comes time to re-order. “Part of the benefit of WebJaguar is that it provides customers' account histories, which they can use to reference and reorder products purchased in the past. They can even update their order preferences,” he says.

Similarly, Wurgler's staff can easily maintain and update the website. “We can immediately make changes to products or pricing as required,” he says. “The WebJaguar software is very user-friendly. Plus, tech support is extremely knowledgable and always available if we have questions.”

In addition, every aspect of the fulfillment process has been simplified, from facilitating order management in the warehouse to accommodating delivery dates and times. The website's configuration includes a “Pick List” feature, which streamlines order processing. “It was very important for NetTrophy.com to automate that part of its business process and minimize any mistakes,” says Bachir Kassir, president of AdvancedEmedia.

Wurgler praises the UPS integration, noting that prior to WebJaguar his site didn't have the ability to automate ship-ment and e-mail notifications. “Now when we ship an order to a customer, our platform accesses the UPS database and automatically creates a label for shipping,” he explains. “When UPS closes out the order, it repopulates the tracking number and automatically sends an e-mail to the customer through our website.”

This benefit, as well as the many other easy-to-use features of WebJaguar, has elevated the status of NetTrophy. com in its customers' eyes. “WebJaguar enhances our image, professionally presenting our company and products online. This has increased our sales significantly,” Wurgler says.

Other suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry can also feel confident with the WebJaguar e-commerce solution. AdvancedEmedia and ASI worked together to create an e-commerce solution for distributors and suppliers that offers ASI's product data, including images and pricing. Fully automated product updates keep choices fresh and accurate.

“We've provided a front-end and backend solution to sell products online,” says Kassir. “We worked closely with ASI to develop data fields based on the ASI database. This gives distributors access to hundreds of thousands of products as a complete turnkey e-commerce solution.”

Expect the same sensitivity to pricing and supplier information that you enjoy from any ASI related vendor. You retain control over margins (even on a customer-by-customer basis) and easily protect wholesale pricing.

This software platform makes it easier for search engines to index your site effectively, which improves the visibility of your company online and draws more buyers to you. Once at your site, the powerful search functions of WebJaguar make it simple for buyers to find products that fit their search criteria. Beyond these benefits, you'll find functions to target prospects and reach out to clients. “We've provided lots of marketing and lead generation tools,” Kassir says. “You can send a mass e-mail to clients announcing a new product or an end-of-summer special.” In addition, the software provides real-time, secure credit card processing and the ability to leverage coupon offers, promotion codes, gift cards and much more.

All you need to get started is a Web browser. You don't need special hardware, nor do you have to install any software. The system is all handled remotely by AdvancedEmedia. For more information, visit www.advancedemedia.com or call (888) 718-5051 for a free consultation and demo.