WebJaguar Launches New Mobile Site and Unveils New Hybrid Responsive and Mobile Framework

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Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) June 18, 2014

ebJaguar, a leader in providing eCommerce solutions has launched a new site based on a responsive and mobile layout design. The WebJaguar platform has also added enhanced functionality to support a hybrid Responsive and Native mobile layout for their customers. WebJaguar customers can now enjoy a competitive edge in having their online-stores based on a modern, contemporary design. This model enables customers to optimize their site for speed and efficiency. "The advantage of a hybrid mobile model is that our customers are able to serve specific content for mobile users which is different from content served on non-mobile devices. This can significantly increase the efficiency of the website and make the site load faster," Says Philip Shehadeh, Vice President with WebJaguar.

WebJaguar, one of the world's most cost effective platforms serving the B2B and B2C market, has released a new version of the WebJaguar Commerce platform, with full mobile and responsive design framework. This enables our customers to capitalize and take advantage of the growing trend of shopping on mobile devices. WebJaguar has also enhanced the functionality of dozens of features and modules, including enhanced behavior for the marketplace module, a growing trend in Ecommerce as well.

With WebJaguar offering responsive, mobile-compatible websites for the first time, the rapidly growing e-commerce provider positions itself to succeed in a mobile shopping environment. WebJaguar's responsive framework will not only support customers' needs in the mobile shopping market, but it will also be an integral part of WebJaguar's global strategy moving forward.

"According to studies, mobile shopping is increasing at a rapid pace and we need to meet that challenge by offering mobile and responsive websites to WebJaguar users that are based on best practices," Said Philip. "To address mobile shoppers needs properly, it is essential to have a truly integrated e-commerce platform, one that allows shoppers to access our customer's online stores from any channel they prefer to shop. Our talented team, with a mix of technical and creative design experience will help ensure our ability to constantly stay at the forefront of mobile e-commerce technology."

Philip Shehadeh continued, "The WebJaguar mobile development team also possess a deep understanding of the shifting behavior of online shoppers. We took this same insight to heart by launching our own responsive site. We do understand that potential clients searching for an e-commerce solution are accessing our site via mobile devices and we have to meet that pattern.

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