Warehouse Module

Full inventory management for a single or multiple warehouses. Each warehouse can be divided into any number of locations within that warehouse.

Inventory can be allocated to a specific warehouse location(s) at the time of receiving a purchase order. Warehouse inventory is then allocated automatically at the time of placing an order based on the First In First Out rule.

Specific Benefits:

  • Centralized inventory management on one platform for one warehouse or many
  • Automated processes for allocating inventory for orders
  • Full visibility for current stock levels across all warehouse locations
  • Automated processes for moving stock when inventory levels are low

Key Features:

  • Ability to create multiple warehouses
  • Ability to have unlimited locations within a warehouse
  • Ability to enter warehouse information when receiving a purchase order
  • Ability to automatically allocate warehouse inventory at the time of ordering using FIFO rule
  • Ability to generate pick ticket for individual orders or in batches
  • Ability to manage warehouse inventory
    • Ability to move items from one location to another
    • Add/edit quantities
    • Easily view and search inventory within a warehouse
  • Support for recording expiration date on inventory
  • Ability to define low inventory and max inventory thresholds per product
  • Ability to view inventory history of a product, from initialization to current stock levels
  • Reporting for inventory and current stock levels per warehouse location.