ShipStation Integration

Integration With Shipstation

Webjaguar seamlessly integrate with ShipStation and enabling you to easily manage and ship your online orders.

Integration between the WebJaguar and ShipStation automates sending order ,order status, shipping status and tracking number.

Using ShipStation with WebJaguar will allow you to automatically:

  • Ability to pull orders from Webjaguar into ShipStation's interface and batch-print FedEx, UPS, and USPS labels.
  • Ability to mark orders as shipped in Webjaguar when you print labels and mark orders as shipped in ShipStation.
  • Ability to send customers automated shipping notification emails from Webjaguar when you mark orders as shipped in ShipStation.
  • Ability to add shipping tracking number from ShipStation to order summaries and shipping notifications in Webjaguar.