Amazon Marketplace Integration

Integration with Amazon Marketplace

Integration between the WebJaguar website and Amazon MarketPlace automates sending product, inventory, selling price, shipping cost, order, order status, shipping information and tracking number.

Selling on Amazon has been helping individuals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers.

By using Amazon MarketPlace, sellers can increase selling efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and improve response time to customers.

Specific benefits users will gain from the Amazon Marketplace Integration include the ability:

  • Send inventory information to Amazon to prevent overselling.
  • Receive order information when they're placed to ensure timely shipment to customers.
  • Ensure accuracy of customer information to avoid potential shipping problems.
  • Ensure the accuracy of product listings in your store.

Once a sale has been received from amazon marketplace, a corresponding order will be created and inventory adjusted accordingly at webjaguar platform. Order related actions (i.e. shipping information, status, tracking number, etc) will be reflected on amazon marketplace without a merchant ever having to login to his or her seller panel.

Synching Between Webjaguar and Amazon MarketPlace:

  • Ability to push products from Webjaguar to Amazon marketplace.
  • Ability to update inventory on Amazon marketplace automatically.
  • Ability to update product selling prices on Amazon marketplace automatically.
  • Ability to pull orders from Amazon automatically.
  • Ability to update order status, shipping information and tracking number on Amazon Marketplace automatically.
  • Ability to send email to customers in order to inform about their orders with shipping information and tracking number.