WebJaguar is already very rich in hundreds and hundreds of features and add-on modules. So most likely whatever you need we already have developed. Not only our modules are developed but are fully configurable.

We've created our B2C Ecommerce and B2B wholesale platform solutions to meet with the needs of companies that serve all different markets and employ all manner of business and management practices.

Now sometimes - and we know no two businesses are alike ? you need something special for your business. Our approach, to minimize cost, deployment and testing, is to use one of the existing modules as a starting point and modify this module for your specific needs. This way you are leveraging on the existing R&D already done and minimize risk and cost and speed deployment. Now we also develop something completely from scratch as well.

For customers who have programmers on board, or for resellers with programming skills, WebJaguar also offers API access to the code.

If you do not find a feature or a module that is part of our main offering, do not worry, WebJaguar is fully customizable platform and our team is ready not just to develop this for you, but also to help you scope the behavior and requirement document.