Happy Thanksgiving Day

To all our clients, we wish to thank you for choosing WebJaguar as your ecommerce platform, and we hope you have enjoyed the past years' service. We value your business and we always like to receive your feedback on how we can improve our products for you in the next year.

Our R&D team has been extremely busy this year enhancing functionalities within WebJaguar, as well as, developing new features that our customers have requested. This past year, our focus has been on building more automation, business rules, and embedding AI (Artificial Intelligence) as part of WebJaguar.

We began 2017 by partnering with IBM Watson to develop advanced integration between WebJaguar eCommerce and Watson Analytics. The Watson module will be available first quarter of 2018, more information is available via your account manager.

Another new addition to WebJaguar has been the dynamic PDF catalog builder module, now our clients can quickly and easily create custom product catalogs for marketing purposes and specific client requirements.

Within the Promotional Products industry, our work with one of the largest Suppliers - SanMar has led to the creation of the industry's most advanced apparel online ordering platform. This project was a cooperative effort between WebJaguar and our strategic partner Custom Gateway.

Also, available today to all our WebJaguar customers, are enhanced marketing automation tools, including lead nurturing tools, embedded dynamic promo codes, and other personalization and dynamic elements. These tools are centered around helping you automate your marketing campaign, and deliver more personalized campaigns, and help convert better.

Entering 2018, we will be releasing 5 new language modules: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. This in addition to our French, German, Spanish and Arabic that are available today.

If you would like to see demonstration on any of our new products, or wish to learn more about WebJaguar please contact us at 949-600-8868 and ask to speak to one of our business consultants.

Happy Thanksgiving!