An SaaS E-commerce Platform That's The Best In Enterprise Software

When you're looking for a way to increase your selling power and reduce the amount of time and money spent on managing, marketing, and fulfilling orders through manual input, then you'll want to consider your options among enterprise e-commerce platforms.

You know that technology is a necessity when you want your business to thrive, but your growth depends on choosing the right solution.

There are numerous providers of e-commerce platforms but identifying the best for the unique needs of your company is not a minor undertaking. It's too easy to come across software and platforms that appear to have potential, only to learn, too late, that they don't properly meet your needs.

You can either spend a lot of time and money modifying a system to fit your requirements or spend even more time and money adjusting your practices to suit e-commerce platform limitations.

This is why we at WebJaguar are committed to offering companies a better alternative—one that's been described as the best enterprise e-commerce platform for businesses that require a more capable, customizable solution.

With 15 years of experience and over 500 e-commerce projects fulfilled, WebJaguar has truly unique capabilities as an enterprise e-commerce platform provider. We're eager to share them with decision makers who are ready to upgrade their ability to excel through e-commerce.

What Is WebJaguar's Enterprise E-commerce Solution?

WebJaguar's Enterprise E-commerce is an SaaS e-commerce platform that provides a series of modular tools that have been developed for specific sales, marketing, and management capabilities.

A Cloud-based software, Enterprise E-commerce alleviates many of the costs and frustrations that are associated with open source business and e-commerce programs.

With full API access, there's no limit to what you can do with WebJaguar. There's no headache or costly complications that come with migrating customizations when an update is needed.

You get the ability to customize while retaining the ability to update seamlessly and transparently. That is just one advantage of an SaaS e-commerce platform and it gives you the best of both worlds.

It's designed to evolve with grander trends in online sales and marketing, but it also allows for a more dynamic, streamlined evolution of capabilities in accordance with the needs of a specific business. By its very structure, it can grow with your company, and contribute to that growth, rather than curbing or limiting your options.

There is an extensive range of modules that are easy and fast to implement according to your requirements at a given time. The software can be adjusted so that it merges seamlessly with the existing ERP and accounting systems you use to operate.

Some clients have even found that WebJaguar takes care of so much of the heavy lifting, they've been able to transition out of their old ERP resources and operate using just WebJaguar and a lightweight, economical accounting program like Quickbooks.

The versatility of this e-commerce solution makes it suitable as a starter e-commerce platform but it's also robust, powerful, and multifaceted, which makes it ideal for large companies, wholesalers, importers and international sellers, custom product suppliers, industrial manufacturers, and large-scale organizations with many dealers, sales reps, company divisions, and third-party affiliates.

We know your company is looking for the best B2B ecommerce platform so you can serve your customers better and acquire new business. That's what we've created WebJaguar to do.

Enterprise Platform Features You Need To Know About

WebJaguar's capabilities are extensive. Just about any e-commerce tool or asset you'll need to manage, market, sell, and fulfill orders can be seamlessly integrated into our platform. We can customize according to your needs, so your options are virtually limitless.

To give you a better idea of what's possible with Enterprise E-commerce software, here are just some platform features that anyone selling online needs to know about.

Cloud-Based - Updates and versioning is not a problem anymore. There's no need to sync and risk losing features just to get the most up-to-date capabilities. You get the peace-of-mind knowing you don't have to rework your system because the publisher decided to make changes. You can implement tools on your terms without upsetting anything.

ERP Integration - You can integrate your business practices and merge data as it suits your company. There's no need to change or abandon the ERP that works for you. In some cases, it's even possible to shift away from expensive ERP and accounting systems like Sage because WebJaguar covers all of your bases. All you need is an accounting program, which can be merged into WebJaguar's Enterprise E-commerce platform.

Punch-Out Catalog - With a punch-out catalog, it's possible for buyers to integrate your products and other specifics into their method of purchasing. Customers can quickly buy from you but through the steps they require for their workflow. If you want to sell to companies that require specific approval stages and their own management of purchase orders, you can readily open your doors to their needs. This is very attractive for gaining specific types of customers, including big companies and organizations.

Lead Nurturing/Marketing Campaign Capabilities - You can search your database by customer according to their activity and purchases. Identify leads that are relevant to a marketing campaign you wish to launch and create emails, messages, promo codes, and other incentives that will interest specific types of buyers. You get all the features of marketing software like Constant Contact or MailChimp but with a connection to your customer database. This messaging can be automated with details predetermined, so you'll reach leads and customers at an ideal time and encourage a better response and more purchases.

Dealer Store - You can streamline the process for your dealers and sales reps by setting up customized storefronts with products that are relevant to their clientele, target markets, service regions, and other criteria. Dealer stores can be branded and customized so they look distinct but are still connected to your platform in accordance with your specifications. This is an unbeatable asset when you work with affiliates and want to create brand divisions from your central company.

Marketplace Module - You have the ability to control how much of the admin end is accessible to dealers and reps and how much is restricted. You can still provide dealers with a useful mini dashboard and tons of tools to help them promote, manage, and sell. This module also allows for automatic filtering and sorting of orders, products, and other information that's relevant to a specific rep or user. Because this module can be customized in so many different ways and allows for automation, it saves a lot of time removing manual steps from the sales and management process--even if that process is very specific to a particular user or operation.

Catalog Builder - You can select products from your database and quickly create a professional looking catalog or promotional pieces that are totally customizable. There's no knowledge of HTML or special skill required. Catalogs can be customized with logos and branded graphics so they're appropriate to specific dealers, markets, and buyers. This saves you the time and cost required to have catalogs created by a designer. Instead of days and weeks to make a custom catalog, the process can be finished in a matter of minutes. This means you get to promote your products more efficiently and provide more resources for your dealers and sales reps.

Form Builder - Start gaining better insight into your customers and website visitors by creating forms that prompt engagement and collect useful information. With this tool, you can create single or multi-page forms, which enable you to reach out to potential and current buyers and collect useful information without overwhelming them.

Disruptive Pricing Model - You can justify the cost of WebJaguar because it is considerably less expensive than other enterprise level e-commerce systems. Apart from the highly competitive price, you're getting more expansive and more customizable capabilities than those provided by competing top enterprise e-commerce platforms. Because there are so many features built-in, there are no hidden or unexpected costs to get extra components implemented or to enhance functionality across multiple systems and applications that your company is already using.

This Is Just The Beginning Of Your Enterprise E-commerce Solution

To fully grasp the benefits that await you through WebJaguar, you have to see it put to work.

You have the opportunity the see a comprehensive demo of this powerful e-commerce and marketing automation platform. We can arrange an appointment to discuss your specific business needs and how we can help.

You'll want to contact us right away if you're ready to:

Spend less time adjusting and training your team to use the tools available through an e-commerce platform. Everything can be adjusted to your practices, not the other way around. You will see your employees, reps, and dealers will be much happier and more productive.

Increase traffic and conversion rates by easily identifying customers based on certain purchasing behavior and marketing to them more effectively. They will want to buy more from you and more often when you can provide them with more personalized incentives that are relevant to their needs. This makes your company appear attentive and eager to provide a positive buying experience.

Increase your ability to acquire new customers who have certain stipulations, such as requiring the ability to place an order through their own systems. Your company appears capable and adaptable when you can satisfy their purchasing and workflow requirements.

Free up more time to focus on other aspects of your business, as many practices can be automated, including steps that once required manual input. Your team will be happier when the tedious work of updating shipping statuses, product details, and other data is done for them because you are using systems that communicate with one another and require less effort to use effectively.

Save overhead when it comes to creating marketing content, online forms, and other website content. Now you can produce materials in a matter of minutes instead of having to hire designers and developers or license expensive design software.

Alleviate the worry, stress, and expense of transitioning into a new system because your company is outgrowing what you have. There's no need to switch and no time and money wasted in the process because WebJaguar grows with you. In addition to helping you build and strengthen your business, WebJaguar's capabilities can be expanded as you need them. It's scalable and therefore grows to the level you require.

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