Amazon Pay

WebJaguar is teaming up with Amazon Pay to provide merchants with a fast, trusted, and convenient payment solution.

You and WebJaguar have built an amazing webstore. Amazon knows millions of shoppers'. Let's connect them.

Nearly eight out of 10 shoppers feel inconvenienced by the online checkout process.
Six out of 10 say better security would encourage more shopping.

Amazon Pay offers your customers a secure, trusted, and convenient way to sign in and pay on your website.

The ease shoppers want, the innovation they trust.

More and more merchants and shoppers are turning to Amazon Pay because it provides an experience that helps you:

Gain shopper's trust

Build customer engagement and loyalty

Benefit from years of Amazon innovations

Keep checkout simple, and keep them coming back.

With Amazon Pay, you can improve your customer experience by offering a quick, convenient way to check out.

  • Help increase conversions
  • Grow your business
  • Offer a connected experience across channels

Easy. Right from the start.

Step 1
Create Login
Step 2
Provide business name, address, tax, ID, and credit card
(don't worry, you won't be charged)
Step 3
Recieve verification and add Amazon Pay to your site
Webjaguar - Amazon Pay