Welcome to WebJaguar

Introduction to WebJaguar

Welcome to WebJaguar!  Here we provide you on-boarding steps and introduction on how to setup your store and input important store data. 

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Quick Start User Guide! This resource guide was created to help you quickly navigate and learn the advanced tools of WebJaguar's Store Admin. 

User Guide

Everything you need to know about WebJaguar. Detailed information, training videos, tips and tricks on how to use the admin, categories, products, customers, sales and promotions, orders, CRM and more...

Reference Guide

Visit our reference guide to learn in-depth tutorials, specific data guide, API, code and other developers tools to help customize your eCommerce experience...

Get started with our in-depth training videos

Welcome to WebJaguar's Help Center Training Video Series.  We are connecting B2B and B2C business owners to the information you need to run a successful eCommerce business with WebJaguar.  Feel free to watch our step-by-step short video tutorials, navigating the WebJaguar admin, and explore tips and tricks for success in the eCommerce world. 

Watch Video Tutorials

Store Admin & Module Tutorials

Catalog Manager

Create categories, products, and custom fields. Also learn about options and how to manage product reviews.

Purchase Orders

Learn how to add and edit purchase orders. Set P.O. statuses, suppliers, dates, shipping information, edit skus and more.


Manage customers, add new customers, create parent associations, assign affiliates, add customer fields, manage incoming payments and more.

Sales & Promotions

Create store promotions, add dynamic promos, manage campaigns, create sales tags, manage gift cards and more.


Add site frequently asked questions (faqs), organize faqs in groups, add store policies, manage support tickets.


Manage site layout settings, head tag, body tag, header, top bar, left bar, category links, right bar, footer and body tag close.


Create and edit customer quotes, export and manage. Add order custom fields, manage order sub statuses and more.


Fulfill site orders, add orders, edit order status and export orders. Add order custom fields, manage order sub statuses and more.

Sales Rep

Add and manage sales reps, create sales rep custom fields and associate parent sales reps and more.


Add and manage store suppliers, manage mark ups, markup data feed rules, sample price and supplier production days and more.

Data Feed

Generate data feeds, ftp connection, configure data feed attributes, Google feed management, and other feed data.


Create and manage sales reports, customers reports, product reports, mass email reports, invoice reports, PO reports, orders reports, and more.


Learn about the powerful WebJaguar CRM, including accounts, contacts, tasks, forms, fields and groups.

Site Info

Manage site information settings, seo settings, schedule email configurations, CRM configurations, projects, site labels, email templates, shipping settings and more


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