2022 WebJaguar LOGO-Drop Feature
PROMO Commerce & Marketing Automation

Login to your Account

Upon visiting your website, customers or Sales Rep can login and visit their management Dashboard.

Select A Logo from your Library:

Manage your Logos by adding or removing logos in your Library. Select a Default Logo for automatic application to store products.

Search For Products, Filter Search Results:

Search the store by product Categories or predictive Keyword search.
Product display will always show LOGO-Drop prodcuts at top of all searches.
Filter your search results, and the LOGO-Drop application will instantly update.

Send Sales Flyer to Colleague/Client:

Imagine the appreciation from your customers when you send a Sales flyer, Presentation, Quote or Order with the product images branded with their logo.

Client Sales Flyer Received with Order Now Link

Product Detail Page for Editing:

Empower customers to make last minute changes and approve Artwork Proofs. WebJaguar is an Adaptive CPQ Platform, the pioneer in the promotional products industry.

Review and Approve Artwork Proof:

Reduce the time spent back-n-forth with Artwork approvals. WebJaguar provides an open Design Studio for sharing edits made to the custom product. Then requires the client to approve online their consnet ot proceed to production.

Add To Cart and Purchase:

The configured product is added and displayed in the Shopping Cart, along with all of the additional decoration fees based on the client's configuration selections. Multiple decoration locations, multiple setup charges and multiple run charges. Even displays add-on fees for Apparel sizes and PMS color selections.